Satisfied with Woods Sorry? It appears I’m the only one who is.

I tried to avoid this whole Tiger Woods situation I really did. I just didn’t care because he wasn’t the first athlete to cheat on his wife, and he won’t be the last. I’ve read two separate books that both say that athletes cheats on their wives. Jose Canseco’s Juiced and Andy Roddick beat me with a Frying Pan (yes, that’s the actual title).

But when I heard of Gloria Allred’s demand for a personal apology to her Client, Porn Star Joslyn James aka Veronica Siwik-Daniels (I can refer to her this way because Allred did, as oppose to calling her a politically correct term Adult Film Star), it was time to go into full meltdown mode. Please don’t try to stop me, it will do you no good.

Attorney Gloria Allred jumped on Tiger right after his media conference was finished. She said that his words today were a staged PR stunt and disgrace. Funny, it sounded like her presser right after was staged. Or was that just me who thought that? I want to know when she planned on making the statement on behalf of her client. The second Woods announced his plans? Everyone feels entitled to everything and when they don’t get something, they throw a fit.

Allred then stated that Woods led James to believe that she was the only woman for him, and conveniently mumbled the words, other than his wife. OK, Timeout!

If I hear anyone already has a partner, I steer clear of the situation, because I know this is going to end badly. This did, and all the parties involved had it blow up in their face. Serves them right. If Ms James believed that she was the only mistress, then I have some beach front property to sell her in upstate New York. She might be a gull-calf (if you don’t get that reference, watch both Wayne’s World)

When a man cheats (and no I don’t know from experience, I’m restating what I’ve read in different books about athletes, like Juiced.) he typically does it with more than one partner. James’ naïveté hurt her feelings, not Woods.

She then wants to know why Woods didn’t acknowledge their relationship with and apology. There is a reason. It would’ve taken him eight years to apologize to everyone. Everyone would be coming out wanting an apology.

Do I get one? Tiger is one of my favourite athletes, he wronged me, or so I’m made to believe, I should get one right? These ladies knew what they were getting into. I think if you turned on a TV you knew Woods was married and had kids. Every network ran with the story the second it broke.

Then Allred said Woods needs to come out from behind his handlers and carefully crafted statements and make amends to her client. Sorry? I couldn’t hear your point underneath that carefully crafted statement you and your client read from.

Pot have you met Kettle?

Of all the asinine points, this one takes the cake (pardon the cliché, but I have carefully craft this next line). This is eerily similar to when Sarah Palin ripped Obama for reading off prompter, then proceeded to take her’s hand held.

Tiger waited a little long in my opinion to come out and say something. He said he is sorry to every, say for the women who willingly entered into a relationship with him, regardless of the strings. You play with fire, you’re going to get burned (Oh! Another cliché, sorry but once again, I have to carefully craft.)

Woods apologized to the ones who deserved it, his family. That’s all he needed to do.

For those of you who want to hear the entire statement: Here’s the link

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