Brodeur The Final Chapter, Please!

So the game after the game is over and Canada won 8-1. The big game is now on Wednesday so let’s see how that goes before we make any decisions or final thought on goalie gate.

As I suspected the piece that Brady found on CTV’s website was indeed written by Damien Cox. The same story ran in today’s Toronto Star under a different headline. This of course led to some more coverage.

Bill Houston picked up on Damien’s column:

“Look, maybe Cox has a man crush on Brodeur, I don’t know. But Brodeur played poorly in Canada’s 5-3 loss to the Americans and, arguably, should have been pulled the first period, when he gave up the puck in a goofy baseball attempt to clear it, which led to a goal, and also let in a softy.

To bring him back against Germany tonight would have been ridiculous and irresponsible. Of course, you make a change. I would have gone with Marc-Andre Fleury, but Luongo is certainly a better choice than Brodeur.”

The article was just so blatantly slanted as pro Brodeur. The comments were so over the top in his defence it’s nearly impossible to ignore.

Brady tore on off of Brodeur on the Watters show today which was followed up with an interview with Cox himself. As far as I can remember Cox has only appeared on this show once before, when Brady tore a strip off the headline writer at the Star on one of Damien’s column.

Brady was courteous to his guest yet he did ask the important questions too. Cox was asked out of the gate whether or not he had spoken to Brodeur directly to provide the basis for his comments on how Brodeur felt. Cox was clearly uncomfortable with the frankness of the question. He said that he hadn’t spoken directly to him but that he “knew how Marty felt”. It’s rather interesting because Cox says that we all know that Brodeur is THE classy athlete and that he would be mad at Damien for putting his feelings out there. Which is kind of odd isn’t it. I mean Cox is patting him on the back, praising him yet at the same time sharing Brodeur’s feelings that certainly paint him out to be at the very best selfish.

To me the highlight of the interview came when the issue of bias came up. Cox said that there were people who were suggesting that Damien is biased towads Brodeur because they are friends and they wrote a book together. Cox took a minor swipe at Brady’s named partner, Bill Watters by saying that there are people who think Bill Watters shouldn’t speak about the Maple Leafs because Watters is a disgruntled former employee! Now, 2 things. One, Cox has already admited to his relationship with him. Although he “didn’t get an exact quote from Brodeur” he does “know this is how Brodeur feels”. He does talk to Broduer’s people regularly. There is no way Brodeur or his people get word out about his feelings without his approval. Cox is biased towards him. Similarly, Watters is biased against the Leafs when it comes to ANY issue that relates to ownership. He is similarly biased against the owners of the Argos who may or may not have dismissed his son. It doesn’t take a genius to know EXACTLY what is going to come out of Watters mouth when it comes to MLSE. He looses all credibility when he does discuss them. Similarly, the more Damien talks Brodeur the less credible he will be.

Let’s hope this is the end of goalie gate, 2010.

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