JP Ricciardi Joins ESPN

Well, if you can’t leak em join em eh JP. Man, Ken Rosenthal over at Fox Sports must be pissed! I can’t wait to see JP’s first coverage of an Adam Dunn game. The Good news for JP is that when is reporting information he can lie at will. We all know that it isn’t a lie if the teller knows the truth. JP should start Word from JP on his joining ESPN as a baseball analyst is that it’s part of a 5 year, I mean 6 year, I mean 7 year, ooops 8 year plan.

The good news is that JP hasn’t lost his humble ways:

“I look forward to sharing my perspective of the game, which has many layers and has been built over the years through my various roles,” Ricciardi said in a statement.”

Confirmation that JP’s favorite words remain, I, me and my.

Apparently JP’s best buddy is Matt Millen.

The globe and mail had the story first, at least that I saw and you can see their report here.

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