How High Will Olympic Gold Hockey TV Ratings Be?

A little over a month ago the IIHF World U20 Championship gold medal game made television history for TSN. 12.3 million viewers tuned into the game at some point, a ratings record for TSN.

“Preliminary overnight data confirms that TSN’s average audience for the game was an outstanding 5.3 million viewers – an all-time record for the network and the largest audience recorded on Canadian television since 2005. It is the sixth largest audience for any broadcast on Canadian television in records that date back to 1994.

An astounding 12.3 million viewers – or more than one in three Canadians – tuned in to some of or the entire broadcast.”

So, where will tomorrow’s game be in terms of tv audience in Canada. I know all eyes and opinions will be on the US network audience, but my question is, what will the Canadian number be? It’s hard for me to imagine a bigger television draw for sports in Canada. I would be stunned if it didn’t blow the Wolrd Junior’s ratings number out of the water. This game is, our superbowl wouldn’t you agree?

In 2002, a Grey Cup TV record was set with a national audience of 5.435 million.

This past Grey Cup set another record, when the overnight ratings were 6.1 million viewers, making it the most watches show at the time in Canada TV for the year.

According to CTV, 13.3 million people tuned into watch the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympic games. A number that clearly blew the Grey Cup out of the water. This years superbowl drew aproximately 11.1 million Canadian viewers.

Will the game outdraw the opening ceremonies? Would be pretty incredible if it did.. Can you imagine the schrill from Rod Black if it does?


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