Hockey Fans The Big Winner

No other way to say it. The big winner today was not only Canada, not only Sidney Crosby or any member of team Canada but hockey fans around the world. It’s not just that Canada won, it was the game. It is going to be very very hard to watch NHL hockey this week. The play during this tournament was incredible. I am not sure how relevant this is, but to me it’s like watching the NCAA tournament and then having to go back to watching NBA action. The difference is that this is hockey. This isn’t basketball. The play by all teams was at such a high level. The sport of hockey, those of us who love the game were the real winners today.

Personally, I looked at my son on my side and my dad on the other and said to the youngest of the three of us, remember this goal, you may NEVER see a bigger goal. The Henderson goal was before I was born. I’ve never seen a goal bigger than that. I am not sure Sidney Crosby will EVER score a goal bigger than that. He may win lots of cups, he may score lots of goals, but to score the winner in OT in the gold medal game of the Olympics?????? It reminded me of the late Tom Cheek’s call on Joe Carter’s home run. Touch em all Sid, you will never score a bigger goal.

I’ve not been a fan of most of the coverage on TV this year. Chris Cuthbert was very good today. The hockey team as a whole were very good too. Once again, (I know the horse is dead) following the game on Twitter was the most fun. Finally, to those in the arena, what class they showed at the end of the game, cheering the American players, especially Ryan Miller and Zach Parise. The line of the night has to go to Sidney Crosby who when asked to explain the winning goal said that he had no idea, he just shot it.

More later..

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Raptors Devotee
February 28, 2010 6:52 pm

I was 8 years old when my elementary teacher wheeled in the 20″ black and while tv on a stand, one of only two in the school, and I was able to watch Game #8 and Paul Henderson do his magic. It is tough to compare to tonight, but given the dynamics of that 8 game series, not respecting the Soviets and their game, by not even training hard for it, and then realizing that we were in a war to win it, and the repurcussions of losing it, and the cold war being on, the 72 Series wins out over today, but this one easily surpasses Lemieux in ’86 and even 2002.

February 28, 2010 8:14 pm

Excuse me, but the play by all teams was NOT at such a high level. Norway walloped by Canada 8-0? Latvia routed 8-2 by Russia? Go ahead and be enthusiastic about the games that were close, but don’t go painting the entire tournament as the best hockey the world’s ever seen. The facts don’t back you up.

March 1, 2010 1:24 pm

Ok Billy, tell me then: Where could you find better hockey than any of the good games from this olympics?

NHL? Nope – lower overall skill level. This was like an all-star game with players who actually tried.

Canada Cup/World Cup? Also good hockey but smaller stage and smaller stakes.

World Juniors? Great hockey, great emotion, and lots of speed but lower overall skill level.

Spengler Cup? lol.

Anyone who didn’t walk away from the gold medal game in particular thinking that wasn’t some of the best hockey they will see in their lifetime needs to get their vision checked. That was as good as it gets and even if the US had pulled it out and won in OT it wouldn’t change that.

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