Burke Deals Ponikarovsky for Luca Caputi +

Come on, raise your hand if you have ever heard of Luca Caputi. As word circlated through the ACC tonight that Burke had apparently dealt Alexei Ponikarovsky for Luca Caputi the biggest response was WHO. Apparently Martin Skoula was thrown in the deal as well, however the MSMers out there seem to think that Burke will try to deal him as well. After watching the game tonight, I would like to think Burke is going to deal about 6-8 guys tomorrow for ANYTHING in return. The Leafs were playing the Carolina Hurricanes, the Maple Leafs made the Canes look like Team Canada 2010. My favorite Ponikarovsky Maple Leafs memory was about 2-3 years ago I was at a local Toronto restaurant on a Saturday night around 10:30pm near the ACC. As I was leaving Poni showed up and asked for a table, without batting an eye he was turned away. He tried to tell him that he was a Maple Leaf player and was laughed out the door.

Here’s a video of Caputi :

Here are the stats on the New Boys:

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