What Are Sidney Crosby’s Obligations?

Larry Brooks has a very good column this Sunday. No, not just because it’s the first one where he doesn’t rip the Toronto Maple Leafs. He talks about a couple of issues, one I had no previous knowledge of.

“folks around the NHL sure would be interested in learning even one of No. 87’s reasons for rejecting David Letterman’s invitation to host his Top Ten while the Golden Boy was in New York this week.”

So, according to Brooks, Sidney Crosby elected not to appear on Letterman. This isn’t the first time Brooks ducked out of a major US appearance, allegedly having declined to appear on the Today show after the Stanley Cup Victory.

Brooks does mention that he can’t imagine the demands on Sid’s personal time. However, not knowing the reasons why these two major appearances were shot down one can only wonder. For all we know these types of appearances were requested at the last minute and Crosby was booked up. It’s not like the rest of us who would dump many of things for that type of request.

It does raise the question as to what type of obligations come with being the poster boy of the NHL. Should he have to drop everything whenever one of the big boys comes a calling? Is it fair to judge him for not wanting to be on Letterman? Would he also deny the chance of hosting Saturday Night Live if he were to be asked?

The thing that I would have loved for Brooks to suggest in his column is that perhaps the NHLPA should be pressing Sidney to appear at these gigs as they could help grow the game from an economic standpoint (I am saying that largely tongue in cheek).

Anyways, Brooks’s column raises a question as to what our the obligations of the star players in the NHL like Sidney Crosby.


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