Wall Street Journal Wakes Up Toronto MSM

I’ll admit it, before the Wall Street Journal that I quoted the other day, I had never heard of Mona Halem. As a father of two who leads a rather dull life, I have never been invited to one of her parties and hanging with most pro-athletes isn’t my thing.

What is interesting is that prior to the WSJ article, Mona had flown under the Toronto MSM radar. Yet, if you look at her website it is filled with parties for VIPs over the last couple of years. How, one wonders does the WSJ pick up the story before the local, 4, yes 4 papers do?

Want proof of the pudding? Yesterday, in the Globe and Mail came this headline “For sports stars, it’s Toronto the Good ” an article that pays tribute to the WSJ this one written by Paul Waldie and Andrew Willis- Waldie the excellent reporter from the Coyotes story.

“Her reputation as a party host for professional athletes has become so widespread that her company was featured in The Wall Street Journal this week under the headline Why Pro Athletes Love Toronto.”

Yet not so widespread that any Toronto media outlet decided to cover her before the big boys in the USA did right?

Not to be outdone, the Toronto Star today has a story of it’s own. “Mona Halem, party line to the NBA” the story is titled. Denise Balkissoon writes the piece for the Star.

“She got us about 15 wins this year,” says Wright. “Throwing those Saturday night parties works great. She needs a raise.” In a Wall Street Journal article earlier this week, the New York Knicks’ Toney Douglas and Tracy McGrady also bigged up Halem’s bashes.”

Nice of Denise to mention the WSJ article, which without would never had lead to this piece. My favourite part of Balkisson’s story:”With files from Doug Smith”

Maybe I’m overly critical, but one would think that with 4 daily papers someone local would have picked this up first. I mean we hear all the time that Toronto is the dreaded place for athletes to come. It’s cold, the taxes etc. I know a lot of that deals with athletes coming to play for our local teams. However those stories almost always talk to athletes who come visit. Clearly Mona has made her name for herself internationally. Hell, people were lined up outside a famous museum here in Paris to see a painting of her (sorry Eggbert, couldn’t help myself). And yes, I know that’s a different Mona.



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