Toronto Sports Media Pressbox

Hey folks, happy to announce coming to this site, the TSM Pressbox. When I started this site it was, in large part due to frustration over the sports media coverage in this town. That and my dog got tired of hearing me yell at the TV night in and night out. So in addition to my blood pressure coming down, I have been very fortunate with a couple of unforeseen benefits as well. First, and most important is the interaction I have had with those of you kind enough to check in from time to time. Secondly, many members of the Toronto sports media world have reached out to me offering support, guidance and assistance. Not all comments have been happy ones, yet to a T everyone has treated me with respect and as a result I have been able to make some pretty good friendships.

So, starting this week I am happy to start bringing to you, The Pressbox. I’ll be sitting down and talking about the issues du jour in the world of Toronto Sports Media. The first show gets taped tomorrow, and here’s hoping it’s a good one.

Stay tuned…..



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