J.P. Ricciardi Just Can’t Shut His Pie Hole

In other news, taxes are going up and yes, we are all going to die one day.

No really, the guy just can’t shut his yap. Can you think of a guy in recent memory who didn’t own a team that had a bigger ego then this clown? Seriously. Go league by league and look at guys who have never won and find me a bigger ego with a bigger mouth.

Most of the Toronto press soured on the guy pretty quickly. The act, they say, wears thin pretty quickly.

Steve Simmons ran this piece the other day:

“I see where the legendary

J.P. Ricciardi is throwing stones at the ownership of the Blue Jays.

How quaint.

“I’d go into another job with my eyes a lot more open and probably do a little more homework on who the ownership group is and what their expectations were because that’s what ultimately controls everything.”

Funny, didn’t he initially say he could win without money, the Moneyball thing, later he spent money and couldn’t win, then he couldn’t spend enough to keep up with the Yankees and the Red Sox who spent too much, then all those bad contracts: Yep, somebody has to be blamed for that Frank Thomas contract.”

I love the blame game. Of course none of what happened here was J.P.’s fault….

So, some MSM’ers will say that the media here was biased against J.P. because he favoured the US media outlets (of which he is now a member). Well, take a listen to Pat Gillick on Prime Time Sports tonight with Mccown and John Shannon. Gillick is great to listen to and even though you may not know a hell of a lot about baseball (which I don’t) you can tell he knows his stuff. The majority of the interview is about non-Blue Jays stuff. He does talk a lot about Roy Halliday. Mccown does ask him about what he thinks about the Toronto Blue Jays and what they doing. Listen carefully to what he has to say, something along the lines of the current regime wasn’t left with much in terms of talent. Some times we say more by saying less and I certainly got the sense that Gillick was dumping on J.P.


Speaking of PTS, if you listen to this interview you just can tell that Shannon is out of his element. I really don’t understand why he has been given this regular slot. I think he’s a great guest when the issues of sports business, radio or television rights or coverage are topical. When it’s nuts and bolts sports issues it’s uncomfortable listening to him simply because he sounds uncomfortable doing it. Brunt, Arthur, Blair, Deacon and even Kelley are better suited to talk x’s and o’s than Shannon is.

Meanwhile, was it or was the tonight’s Toronto Raptor game played in an audio toilet bowl. The audio on TSN2 sucked. No, really it sucked. It wasn’t the announcers, it was something funky going on in either the truck or the ACC.

Simmons is here



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