Doug Gilmour Talks Concussions

So many of you have emailed me about this that I thought I had better put it up. Doug Gilmour was on with Greg Brady today who was flying solo on the Bill Watters show. Brady was a tad bit fired up on the hockey and headshots things. In any event Gilmour who is usually a lousy interview in my opinion was beyond good especially when he talked about violence in the game. Certainly worth a listen.


Both drive home shows today took on Colin Campbell and the NHL on the hitting gate. Jim Kelley joined Mccown early on and their take was a failure at the top of the NHL to deal with the issue. Kelley talked about how someone(s) above Campbell was pulling strings and Kelley thought that Colin was either going to quit or get fired over this issue. The Fan 590 doesn’t have the Kelley audio up, however I thought Kelley was good on this point.

Up the dial, Brady went postal on the issue. Imploring that the execs in the game were ruining the game. On a few separate occasions calling for heads on platters. 640 Toronto doesn’t allow for all segments to be downloaded, however I suggest you take a listen in here for all the Brady stuff- it’s certainly entertaining, I’ll leave whether or not you think it’s accurate up to you. I will say this, if you are going to fly solo, you may as well come out firing like he did today. The best solo show he has ever had.

Speaking of good, did anyone hear Don Landry sign off on the big early this am, it was pretty funny. He was talking about the Texas Rangers manager, Ron Washington, the guy who tested positive for cocaine last year at the ripe old age of 57. Landry was really funny saying how, Washington had never done drugs before in his life and at 57 woke up and decided to try cocaine. The best part is that Washington came out tonight and admitted to smoking dope years ago in addition to popping a few pills. What’s next, he’s going to claim he was a Vietnam Vet?

Does anyone think I am nuts on this, but why do morning radio shows end at 9:00? No seriously. I drive my kids to school. I drop them at 845-850. I don’t really get into my car much before 8:30. Now, I understand tons of people drive a hell of a lot earlier than I do. However, based on the number of people dressed i work attire I see dropping their kids off with me in addition to the amount of traffic I see in the city heading downtown when I am, why not extend the morning drive to 10 am? Thoughts?

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