Did Bryan Colangelo Land A Ricciardi?

Blame me. That’s what Bryan Colangelo has said. Okay. Done. Raise your hand if you feel better having someone to blame.

Still feel shitty? Me too.

Here’s my problem. I know crap about NBA basketball. So when Colangelo took the slap chopto his roster I relied on those in the know out there.

I’m not sure anyone predicted this mess. Hell, the experts were singing Colangelo’s praise with each and every move.

How was everyone so wrong?

“Turkoglu in particular is so abject and so low energy and has such awful body language that it is not a stretch to repeat the sneaking suspicion he is this franchise’s Vernon Wells.”

That from Jeff Blair in the Globe and Mail. Now I know the background on jp and Vernon, but who thought when Turkoglu wad brought in we were looking at this scenario? Now we are wondering if we can get him to play for the Marlies.

Are any other Raptors fans feeling rather helpless right now? The guy we were sold as our saviour, the guy who was going to bring sucess and stability to the franchise can only truly be proud of one thing right now, he’s standup. He’s not blaming anyone but himself.

When MLSE was out looking for a Gm for the maple leafs, they were, it was said looking for the hockey version of Bryan Colangelo. Leaf fans, how many of you are hoping that that blueprint wasn’t totally followed with Brian Burke?

So let’s take stock. Assume we don’t make playoffs or do bit get bounced early. What are we left with? Bosh is gone, has to be if either of those 2 scenarios play out. Then we have Hedo wells and Andrea. Uh huh. Oh, and jay triano. You lining up to renew those tickets?

A season that opened with promise is going flush. Someone has accepted blame. Is that enough?

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