Is Cito Already a Lame Duck Manager?

Quick hit from Sportsnet…

A report out of the Associated Press indicates that Shaun Marcum will be the Toronto Blue Jay’s opening day starter….Fine.  Many had speculated that Rickey Romero would get the start but with no Roy Halladay, there was no obvious choice so either Marcum or Romero would have made sense.

As I read the article, it looked like Cito had simply made a decision as the field Manager…nothing unusual.  But then I read the following quote from Marcum:

“The way Ricky threw the ball last year, I thought he deserved an opportunity but (general manager) Alex (Anthopoulos) chose me,” Marcum said.

So I ask you, is it normal for the GM to make the selection?  Is this a ceremonial decision?  Or, is Cito already a lame duck Manager?

I’m likely making more out of this than I should – I just thought it was odd.  What do you think?

You can read the report here.


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