How Bad Were Things In Maple Leafs Room?

Pardon the Maple Leaf centric post here, but I just read an interesting quote in tomorows Toronto Star and has me thinking:

“We have eight to 10 guys going out to dinner now instead of two or three, we have big groups going out and enjoy being together,” Phaneuf said. “Look at our games, it’s not one or two guys in a scrum, it’s all five on the ice.”

Now Dion wasn’t here for the “before” so one can only assume that he’s been told that things were clique prior to his arrival. That’s got me wondering, when did this start, who started it and who allowed it? We know Burke and Wilson wanted to clean out the country club atmosphere and hell there is only one member of the Muskoka 5 left.

Was this created by Mats Sundin, Tie Domi, Bryan Mccabe? Was it allowed to grow under Pat Quinn, JFJ, cliff Fletcher???? Just how bad was it? Did it ruin the career of Matt Stajan here?

Whatever it was or where it started, it appears to have been eradicated. Curious how it went on for so long without so much as a whimper from the throngs of maple leaf nation reporters

The quote is from the star, link to follow



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March 23, 2010 10:35 am

There have been enough rumours / stories to suggest that Jason Blake was a problem. But if this did start before Blake’s arrival, I have no clue who started or lead it.

I hate to say this as I was a big Sundin supporter…If it wasn’t him that created the issue, he certainly needs to take some responsibility as the players leader/captain for not managing it. That may sound like a lot to put on a player but – in my opinion, good leaders deal with stuff like this…isn’t that the job? The coaches and management need to take responsibility as well…by creating a “team” environment. I’m not talking about singing kumbaya in the middle of the dressing room when times were tough but….you know what I mean.

March 24, 2010 4:20 am

I think your forgetting the age of the players… When your in your 30’s and your married, big GROUP dinners are over rated. Nobody should question Sundin’s leadership. Messier recongnized, and Gillis (in an article in the Globe 2 Days ago)and Canuck players are still talking about Sundin’s effect on the locker room last season.

March 24, 2010 6:38 pm

They always used to say Kris King ‘was good in the room’. I assumed they meant he did the laundry and picked the tape up off the floor. Perhaps his usefulness was underrated.

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