Nothing To Fear But Fehr Itself

So Donald Fehr is looking more and more like the likely next director of the NHLPA. If that is indeed the case be prepared for all the chicken littles to come out….. The nhl sky will certainly be falling.

Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of respect for Fehr’s accomplishments on baseball. He was able to defeat bud lite in the good vs evil battle that shutdown Americas game. He did a fantastic job for his clents, the players, irrespective of the effect on baseball. Baseball wasn’t his client, the union wad an he fought ownership on every single issue and won almost everyone too.

We will be told that this will be a very bad thing for hockey fans. Clearly another worskstopage is ahead of us, they will say. I’m here to tell you that I don’t think 1+1 =2 as everyone will suggest. First, a large part of what Fehr wad able to do in baseball revolved around the antitrust exemption that MLB enjoys and the legal system in genealogy. The NHL doesn’t have the same antitrust exemption and the legal system won’t be as friendly in this arena.

Second, and more importantly, this may be the only time that the lack of an American TV deal helps the NHL. NBC, fox, espn and other won’t shell out a penny to show game on tv, so the argument and total disbelief in the owners books isn’t there. Everyone knows this is a gate driven league. There are appear to be several NHL teams in play right now and the asking price isn’t ao high. There are more sellers for buyers that’s or sure.

The other thing u will hear is that Bettman is going to be scared. Have these people not learned anything about count Gary? Nothig scares him, other than having to talk actual hockey with Canadian based journalists. His ego is huge and he has proven his resolve to be strong. This won’t effect his psyche at all.

The last thing you may hear is that Fehr won’t be good for the nhlpa because his heart won’t be into it having just retired from the MLBpa. This guy won’t jump for anyone. Do you remember Pat Gillick’s tearful retirement from the blue jays press conference? Or Paul Beeston’s? Neither guy stayed retired very long and have done okay on the other side too.

Getting a guy like Fehr would be huge for the Nhlpa. He brings instant credibility to a group that has none. Should he take the gig, he will help the pa and with them the game as a whole. The league needs strong players and maybe for once their union will have a real leader.

By the way little TSM’s cobras lost a heart breaker in their championship game today. A sad ending to an awesome season. A great group of kids and an incredible group of parents.



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