Stay At Home Berger’s Finest Hour

Happy Monday all. Well, Howard Berger has done it. He has written his most brilliant article EVER. No really, if he wrote like this all the time, fans everywhere would pay to read his work. This is the best article he has ever written. It’s LOL funny. As a frequent flier I can tell you that his account of his experience at Pearson Airport is actually unfair only that he doesn’t go far enough. All of us can relate to the lovely Air Canada flight attendant he had on his flight and pain in the ass travel has become these days.

No clips from the article, all I will say is that the ending is the absolute best part.

Way to go Howie- your finest work for sure!

Read Howard Berger’s blog article about his flight to Pittsburgh here



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March 29, 2010 1:32 pm

No surprise that Berger’s best piece has nothing to do with hockey. The Fan590 should switch him to the travel beat permanently.

March 30, 2010 2:42 am

Well it was a relief to see you found a way to slip in your own travel log experience ;-), I lay in wait for a “greetings from Uxbridge” we can dream can’t we?

I still think the “stay at home” tag you have bestowed on Berger is pretty lowbrow, but hey,it’s your call.Do you call co-workers “no bonus” (insert name) if your company has a tough year?

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