Are Toronto Maple Leaf Fans Idiots

So, it’s my birthday, so allow me a little bit of leeway this am okay. I am driving to work this morning, the sun is out, my kids woke me up early…Life is good. Mike Hogan is on the radio doing his bullpen thing….Life is good. The topic, understandably, is Ron Wilson, given the Steve Simmons article on Tomas Kaberle. Life, is good.

Then some guy calls in, Ron or maybe Richard, I don’t really member. The gist of the call was:

1. Brian Burke and Ron Wilson aren’t likeable
2. Ron Wilson wasn’t a good player ergo he can’t be a good coach
3. The Leafs won’t ever be good until they are owned by one person because MLSE doesn’t care about winning because every seat is full.

PLEASE….Can we stop this moronic talk about MLSE. This is, perhaps the dumbest argument the Leaf haters and guys named Watters can make. Look, first of all every ticket isn’t always sold. Do they make lots of money on the Leafs? YES. Does that mean they don’t want to win?????? Come on. The guys at the top may not know how to win, they have made huge blunders in the past, but calling into question their desire to win????? That’s sheer and utter stupidity. You don’t think the powers that be have HUGE egos? They want nothing more than to be the guys who did bring a cup here. Hell, they all probably think they will be guaranteed immortality if they do win. Even more, if they were owned by 1 person, do you think that one person wouldn’t also be motivated by $???????????? Stop making these stupid comments, you look like idiots when you make them!

With regards to Ron Wilson, since when did ones ability as a player have anything to do with their ability to coach? That guy Gretzky must have been a pretty shitty player given the way he coached. As for their like-ability, who the hell cares. The Red Wings HATED Scotty Bowman. You think Ron Wilson was condescending???? Not sure if you remember but the Wings were rumored to be sending Yzerman to Ottawa at one point which, rumor had it was Scotty’s way of motivating Yzerman. Stop making these stupid comments, you look like idiots when you make them!

I’m the first to tell you that a coach has a shelf life. I do believe that players (that’s plural) quit on coaches. I do believe that they tune them out. Kaberle, by the way may be the only guy on the Leafs who can actually do that. He’s the only guy who has had Wilson as a coach for more than a cup of coffee. I personally don’t care for Wilson’s act- but who the hell cares. They’ve hired the guy, he has almost an entirely new lineup, there is no way he doesn’t deserve the shot.

by the way…stop making these stupid comments, you look like idiots when you make them!

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