Philly Ends Offseason Issue

Well, that didn’t take long at all. Just hours after I examined the status of Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles, McNabb’s been dealt. The Washington Redskins have sent the 37th overall pick and either a third or fourth rounder in 2011 to their division rivals to acquire McNabb. Here’s how the move affects the NFL landscape:


Clearly, Mike Shanahan wants no part of Jason Campbell. Or Jimmy Clausen for that matter. In acquiring McNabb, Washington has made it’s big offseason move. After sitting out free agency for the most part, owner Dan Snyder and his new management team wanted to make a splash, and did they ever. Shanahan’s opening up a new offence in Washington, with McNabb at quarterback and an open competition for running back between incumbent Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson and Willie Parker. There were rumblings that either Albert Haynesworth or LaRon Landry would be going the other way, but for a second round pick, Washington just picked up a proven quarterback, who at age 33 still has plenty of great football ahead of him.


Wow, I didn’t see that one coming. Philly’s clearly confident that putting McNabb on a division rival won’t hurt their team in the standings, or twice a year. Kevin Kolb now gets the world thrown on his shoulders in Philadelphia, and when the NFL releases its schedule, you can bet everyone will be circling the first meeting between the Redskins and the Eagles. The Eagles are probably expecting a Drew-Bledsoe-esque turnout to this deal, when New England shipped it’s former starter to division rival Buffalo, and Bledsoe wasn’t able to lead the Bills to any sort of success. Philadelphia was able to get one of its rumoured targets – a pick in the top 42.

Jason Campbell

With McNabb in the capital and Rex Grossman signed, I expect Campbell to be put on the market. It doesn’t make any sense to keep him around, so why not try and acquire a draft pick for his services? At first glance, Buffalo seems like an option to me.

The Draft

So much for the Redskins taking Clausen or trading up for Sam Bradford. The Redskins will now target a left tackle to replace Chris Samuels with the number four overall pick, with Russell Okung, Bryan Bulaga and Trent Williams being options. As for the Eagles getting an extra second round pick, I can see a number of options. Safety will be addressed with one of their first two picks, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see a cornerback taken as well. They also have ammunition to trade up, or acquire more picks to move down.

All in all, I think this is a good deal for both sides. Washington picks up a starting quarterback, and Philadelphia is able to start a new era of its franchise. Another major hurdle has been cleared out of the path to the NFL Draft, and maybe now it’ll be smooth sailing until April 22.

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