DiManno: Jack Of All Trades- Master Of None

Not too many people write about the figure skating finals, the sad case of a very ill baby, the murder of a Toronto area woman on boxing day and the odd sports story. The reason is quite simple, not too many people can write good columns across multiple disciplines. It’s hard to do. When it’s done well, it’s done with brilliance. When it’s not, well, most of the articles are weak.

George Will, the Washington Post columnist and ABC News commentator writes about most political issues as they arise in the United States. He is also a huge baseball fan and writes the occasional piece on the national pastime. He does each equally as well. Rosie DiManno is no George Will.

Her article today on Erin Andrews is pretty shallow. She takes shots at Andrews for appearing on a reality television show, Dancing With Stars. Now, so we are all clear, Andrews is the ESPN reporter who has had to deal with a repulsive pervert secretly taping her change in her hotel room, only to have that video all over the internet. Recently she has been dealing with death threats. Shame on her for taking a bit of a break from the stress of, ummmm her every day life. Rosie doesn’t quite see it that way though. She totally undresses (pardon the pun) Andrews for bringing down other women who are in the sports journalism profession for legitimate reasons (paraphrasing).

“It’s always been harder to fake expertise in print, where content is more important than presentation. But television, existing in that two-dimensional zone of news-cum-entertainment, has little integrity. Women whose knowledge of sports wouldn’t have filled a thimble were suddenly all over the place, if only because they could read a teleprompter and oozed bubbly charm.”

I love that Rosie take a shot at her television peers, we writers have to know our shit, unlike those how can fake it by being good looking. Nice eh? Who does she think she is Mike Toth?

“The phenomenon has mostly dwindled out as both lady broadcasters and viewers became bored with the fad, the public demanding more inside-sports knowledge for their patronage. It quickly became evident, too, that many female broadcasters were in sports only for career exposure, having no particular commitment to the games that (mostly) men play.”

What? Wait a minute- let me get this straight, too many women in sports were only in it for their careers????? What the hell? Does this mean that all the men in the industry are doing their jobs because they are committed to the games that men play and not for the advancement of their career?????? What the hell does that mean? I mean, shame on all those who got their start by doing the weather on television for the purpose of advancing their career as opposed to being devoted to the weather itself! What a bullshit argument. What a stupid point. How many of us do what we do professionally to advance our careers as opposed to for the love of the game????????

“‘I’ve no problem with such women exploiting the industry that had so unabashedly exploited them. But it was difficult for serious sports journalists of the female gender — who have to work twice as hard to garner half the respect afforded male colleagues — to be taken at professional value, competing for face-time with bimbos.”

I don’t know why Andrews is doing the reality show. I don’t care why she is doing it. I haven’t seen the show. I’m a big believer in the old adage that the cream will rise to the top. So while the ‘bimbo’ that Rosie speaks of may have an easier road to travel, if they aren’t any good they won’t last very long. There’s too much competition for the audience the networks all are trying to capture for ‘bimbos’ to last very long. We fans won’t stand for it. Yes the odd one can slip through and stick around a little longer than others, but Rosie is off base here. Who the hell is she to judge the motivations of Andrews?

Some of Rosie’s news pieces aren’t half bad. Most of her sports stories are entirely horrible. There’s a reason too many people don’t try to comment on all things- it’s hard to do well. She should stop trying.

Rosie DiManno’s hatchet job on Erin Andrews is here



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