Raptor Host ESPN Bound?

Top of the morning folks. John Chick over at Metronews is reporting that Adnan Virk (I know who he is this time 🙂 ) is heading for greener (I would have to imagine) pastures south of the border with the mother ship ESPN.

“Raptors NBA TV host Adnan Virk, who also appears on Leafs TV and Gol TV Canada, and previously worked at The Score, has accepted a job with ESPN in Bristol, Conn.”

That’s great news for Adnan and for other aspiring broadcasters/journalists here in the big smoke. Always happy to see one of our own heading to the bright lights of the big city (yes I know ESPN is based in Bristol ). It’s good to know that good work down here is being recognized by the powers that be in the USA.

Nice job Adnan and John for getting the scoop on this one.

Happy Friday

John Chick at Metronew’s story on Adnan Virk’s migration to ESPN is here

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