Toronto The Bad- Take 1597….Please

Another writer has decided it’s high time to dump on Toronto. I mean no one has ever written a gem like this before right?:

“The question deserves asking again, after another terrible season for the Maple Leafs and as another dreadful one beckons for the Blue Jays: Why are Toronto sports teams the worst collectively in North America?”

Really???? it deserves asking AGAIN????

What? How long has it been since the last article like this??

The odd thing about this version of I hate Toronto, is that it’s written by a guy who’s bio is the size of a phone book. Seriously, check out the bio on the Globe and Mail’s Jeffrey Simpson and you can’t not be impressed. The guy’s written more books than some sports fans have ever read. However, it appears that the good folks at the Globe decided to pull a Rosie and have a general writer dip his little toe in to the sports arena and write a sports piece. The result is, yawn, predictably boring.

“So what is it about Toronto? Why do the city’s teams stink? And why do their fans, especially those of the Maple Leafs, stick with such losers, when fans in other cities would be in full howl all the time, and many would refuse to attend games.

That fans stick with the Leafs is part of the problem. (At least fans have been deserting the Blue Jays in disgust at their performance). Year after year, Leafs’ management knows it can put chopped meat on the ice and still the Air Canada Centre will be sold out, with astronomically high ticket prices. The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan and the other owners can’t fail to make money, so maybe they just don’t care very much. Or maybe they do, but they are just not very bright.”

Do I have to dissect this crap? I mean, Jeffrey, how may friggin degrees do you have? Why is the assumption always the same? Why do people think that fan boycott’s automatically result in improved team performance. The fans staying away in droves has worked wonders in lots of cities right? Like, ummmmmm…yeah, which one can we think of. I am sure if I list a team that moved recently someone will say that it had nothing to do with fan support. Listen, sports teams are successful if and only if they get corporate support and fan support. Corporate is way more important. It’s the phat cats who buy arena advertisements, luxury suites and club/platinum seats. Advertisers won’t buy ads in the stadium or on the airwaves if fans aren’t interested. When that happens adios team.

Do I have to talk about the desire to win AGAIN?????? Ability to win and desire to win are two different things. Teachers, like anyone else with a lot of money is only happy when they make more of it. The owners of any team will make more money if they win. It’s that simple. So while Teachers may be faceless, they are not blind to the bottom line. Put the Leafs in the playoffs and they make a lot more money. Put the Leafs in a cup race and well, start printing the money…please….

“Some day, presumably, one of Toronto’s teams will again be strong – strong enough to at least make the playoffs. That day, however, looks a long way off. In the meantime, Toronto remains indisputably the city of sports losers.”

Brilliant. Great stuff eh? There is only 1 thing you really need to know about Jeffrey Simpson:

“He lives in Ottawa with his wife Wendy, and they have three children.”

which of course made me think of this:



Jeffrey Simpson’s bio is here
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