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Raise your hand if you had the Toronto Blue Jays coming up with a winning record. Right, no one. I know, 6 games doesn’t mean anything, but give a little bit of credit where credit is due. No one, or should I say, no one seriously expects this to continue, but let’s enjoy it while it lasts (or lasted).

On the topic of the Blue Jays, anyone notice they’re exclusion from the cover of the Toronto Sun sports section today? Come on people. Not only were they only team not mentioned, they were buried on page 14 or 15 of the sports section. Now, I know the Masters was on. I know the Leafs played their last game. I know the Toronto Raptors had a huge game today (they didn’t know that -see below). The Sun ran another historical look at the Maple Leafs losing ways – something they haven’t done in how many weeks now, this time it isn’t Lankhoff- it’s Hornby. That couldn’t have slipped a little further back to at least mention the Blue Jays???????? The Ballard story was written when the Lankhoff piece was a few weeks ago….

I love this quote from Howard Berger in his blog today, on Ron Wilson:

“In his third season with the Leafs, Wilson will be on the clock when the puck drops next October… certainly in the eyes of the “irrelevant” media.”

I have been quietly polling friends, fans and bloggers alike and the consensus is that no one has become more irrelevant in the media in this town than Howard Berger. I know I pick on him all the time, but really, does any care what he has to say anymore. Admitedly I used to read his blog regularly. I used to listen to when he was on the fan. I don’t read his blog more than 2-3 per month. When I hear he is coming up with Hogan or any other non-Mccown show, I flip. Apparently I am not alone. Not sure if it was the cutback on his travel to road game or what, but man has he become irrelevant. It was only last season when he had a bunch of folks up in arms. Now, no one seems to care.

I love this quote from Doug Smith in his review of tonight’s massacre at the ACC:

“They could not explain a lack of passion, a lack of effort, a lack of execution.”

That’s exactly what I say from my tv. The Toronto Raptors didn’t show up tonight. They looked like a team that, with the exception of a small blip in the 2nd quarter, didn’t care. For those who questioned or are ripping fans for booing, I am with the booers tonight. The place was loud as hell at the start. The Raptors didn’t show up. The fans were ready to go nuts, to root and holler all the way. The only problem was the team never took off their warmups.

I spent a good chunk of my Sunday at the Mastercard Centre here in Toronto watching my nephew’s team play in the finals. Besides the fight (complete with punches being thrown to wrap up the game) between 14 year olds, I was totally in awe of the arena complex. Seriously, that facility is incredible. All jokes about the Maple Leafs and Marlies aside, those teams are practicing in a first class facility. For those who haven’t seen it, take a drive to check it out. Wow. The rink where the Leafs practice is as nice as any arena you will ever see.

I caught the tail end of Jays talk with Mike Wilner tonight. I give the guys who do those shows lots of credit, I couldn’t deal with the calls they have to. The best part of the segment I heard was when some guy called in, apparently from LA. The guy rambled off some statistics that me ready to change the channel – something to do with if Vernon Wells plays better defence than that will offset the loss of Roy Halladay. Anyways, the guy then mentioned that former Blue Jays pitcher Dennis Lamp (he who used to have the most incredible mustache) is currently working the fish counter at a gourmet supermarket in Los Angeles! Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my gourmet supermarkets. There is nothing wrong with working there and I have nice chats with the folks who help me when I shop. If that is what Dennis Lamp is doing today……… you fill in the blank. Let me just say, if that is what he is really doing, then I hope it’s because he owns the place or wants to and now because he has to. Should Steve Simmons every ask, he whatever happened to Dennis Lamp, apparently we all have an answer for him.

I love reading Larry Brooks. Do you remember when you were a kid and you were losing a tooth? Remember when the tooth was hanging by a thread and you would twist it, even though it would hurt????? That’s how I feel when I read Brooks. Did you all see this quote:

“Worst Trade: Toronto’s Brian Burke sending a 2010 lottery pick plus a 2011 first-rounder that might be a lottery pick plus a second-round pick this year to Boston for Phil Kessel.
Sorry, that wasn’t ingenious. That was a move worthy of a dunce cap, regardless of how Burke’s enablers might want to spin it.”

This whole Kessel deal is turning into quite a debate between the MSMers. There are those who tend to support Burke (So far) and those who, like Brooks say he made a blunder. It seems like every time Kessel scores the pro deal MSMers high five each other and when he blunders the anti group all enjoy a group hug. This is going to be one to watch for a long time.

I am a huge Stephen Brunt fan. I am curious though about his latest loserville article. I mean, he answers the question right here:

“Now, as colleague Jeffrey Simpson became the latest of many to note on Saturday, Toronto is Loserville, though painting the city’s failing franchises with the same brush misses the most interesting point. ”

Then, Stephen, why write the same column less than 24 hours later????? I know it’s a baseball story, but spring is supposed to be the time of eternal hope and optimism. If the Ottawa based writer wants to rip on Toronto- fine I get it. Why do it all over again the very next day???????

Who are you betting on to be the first NHL executive to be let go and the first coach? Personally, I like the odds on the tandem in Tampa Bay. Please someone tell me there will be a change on the Leafs coaching staff, whomever is in charge of the power play has to go.

I am looking forward to another great episode of the TSM Pressbox. If there is someone in the biz on in Toronto Sports you would like me to try to have one let me know.

Enjoy your Sunday night



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