Toronto Sports Media Game of the Night

College of Sports Media Game of the Night:

The NHL is off until its postseason kicks off tomorrow night. There is tons of MLB action going on tonight, but most teams are playing game eight of a 162 games season. The Association is where all the postseason implicating action is going down tonight and there is no bigger game then the Chicago Bulls in Bean-town to take on the Boston Celtics. Memories of last years seven games series still swirl in my head as these two battled it in some of the best playoff action I’ve seen over the last ten years. The Bulls have a half game lead over the Toronto Raptors for the eighth place in the East and the last available playoff spot in the NBA (the rest are spoken for). Simply the Bulls need to win their final remaining twp games to fulfill guard Derrick Rose’s guarantee of a Chicago trip to the extended season. One lose coupled with a Raptors win in New York tomorrow night and the Bulls are skewered – Ole! Boston on the other hand have already punched their ticket to the postseason and are looking to make some moves up the standings ladder. They trail the Atlanta Hawks by a game and a half for the three seed and it doesn’t look like any starters are pulling a LeBron (resting) to end the season. The Celtics are somewhat rested anyways. They last played on Saturday night when they stuffed the Milwaukee Bucks 105-90 and three days between games is never a bad thing this close to the playoffs.

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