Toronto Raptors Piss Me Off

I am not a basketball guy. I drank the Bryan Colangelo Kool aid. I thought he could and would walk on water, or at least deliver us to the promise land. In Bryan I believed. I watched more Raptors basketball this year and to be honest I am pissed. I’m pissed by the lack of professionalism this group showed night in and night out. I’m pissed, that but for a small chunk of the season where they went on a nice run- they sucked. I mean Judge Smails SUUUUUCKED.

I marveled at Colangelo’s ability to blow up (real good) his roster last summer. I drank the kool aid that the moves he made would dramatically improve this team. The end result is the same. The Raptors played 1, yes one meaningful game this year, and didn’t show up! This Sunday, with the Bulls in town they didn’t show up- regardless of what Triano said after the game.

I don’t know enough to answer whether or not it’s the coach. I do know that blowing up the roster 2 years in a row will be a challenge considering the dead weight it appears Colangelo brought in last offseason. I am bitter. I really tried to invest time in this team this year, going to more games then ever, watching more, reading more, listening to more and I am pissed.

Please don’t let this Chris Bosh talk last all f’n summer- move on- if he wants to leave, announce it TOMORROW- I don’t care if he can or can’t under league rules -wink, leak it, do whatever, move on- or announce you are staying- start the rebuild tomorrow.

Raps fans- sell me some hope, I need it. What do I hope for and look for this summer?



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April 14, 2010 11:22 pm

They should start a new tradition…raise jerseys to the rafters of guys who depart….McGrady, Carter, Bosh….

I’m not a basketball guy either but….BC’s track record is seemingly brutal….the situation is likely worse than when he arrived….


Raptors Devotee
Raptors Devotee
April 14, 2010 11:30 pm

I am just as pissed as you are, and there is nothing to sugarcoat, nothing. Except for the stretch of games before the All-Star break when they played like a team and were winning, even against some top teams, the bulk of this year has been one of frustration.

Colangelo announced at the beginning of this year that this team is capable of winning 50 games. Well, he was only off by ten wins. More than anything, the frustration for me lies in not only knowing what to expect from this team game in and game out, but in how they have such a flippant attitude both on and off the court. The # of players that take losing hard and are true competitors are few, and don’t get me started on defense, something that was a foreign concept to this team.

Looking ahead, the inevitable sign and trade with Bosh may allow us to unload some excess baggage i.e. bad contracts with him. I would rather have the culture changed in the lockerroom and bring in some competitive players. I do not want to start naming players, as that is for another time.

mike (in Boston)
mike (in Boston)
April 15, 2010 7:56 am

it’s hard to get very upset about this. Bosh, while being a great talent, has never taken control of the team in his time here. he’ll get max money from someone but it’s unlikely that he’ll ever be on the same level as his draft peers.

time to change the culture of the team, again.

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