Fun Day In Toronto Sports Media

Interesting day for sure. First we had Bill Houston’s blog article. In case you didn’t read it here’s the highlights:

“The biggest joke of 2009-10, unfortunately, was the spectacle of James Mirtle attempting to function as a Globe and Mail hockey writer. A statistics wonk with limited journalistic skills, poor James struggled, to say the least.”

“Still, if reading Mirtle isn’t good for a laugh, there’s always Chris Zelkovich, the broadcast columnist for the Star.”

“Among the relative newcomers to the hockey media, I enjoyed the work of Doug MacLean on Fan590 and Rogers Sportsnet. On the flip side, I continue to be unimpressed by Sportsnet’s Darin Millard, who’s been around since the launch of the channel and is easily the most irritating and unlikable personality in hockey broadcasting.”

Personally I was stunned to read Houston’s article. I am not naive enough to think everyone in the business is buddy buddy. I did however think there was a code between scribes not to slag one another. Even though Houston isn’t an offical scribe anymore, he is a reputable writer who did work with many of the folks in the industry and I felt badly for both Mirtle and Zelkovich to see their names listed.

I was surprised to see that Houston likes Richie Rich Maclean too by the way.

Folks, take a look at Brian Burke in this photo:

Now you know he isn’t overly found of wearing that tie- but you do what you have to do right?

Now take a look at this reporter:

I suspect that no matter what the question is, Brian Burke is going to attempt to be respectful in his response given his attire. He has showed up for work. He is respecting what he does and the people he is interviewing.

And I’m not sure what’s with the women in front of the image below, but still, notice the professional attire of the garb of those in attendance at this press conference???? The two gents in the back are well dressed. The gentleman who is half cut off is also dressed for work. They look professional.  They are showing Burke respect.

How does this image compare? I’m just asking, what does it suggest?:

Houston’s article is here



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