“Time For Blue Jays To Move”Blackhawks First!

Easy killers, I didn’t write it. I’m just letting you know that someone else did.

“TORONTO — The getaway suits were on, the bags were packed — some Gucci, some whatever animal Randy Williams hunted himself and turned into a piece of luggage.
The White Sox players and staff were leaving Toronto late Thursday night after their one and only trip north of the border this season.

If it were up to most of the traveling party, it would be the last — ever.”

That’s the start of Joe Crowley’s article – No Canada, For MLB. Now, you know I love talking about attendance. Mike Hogan was asking callers to tell him this am why the numbers have fallen off so dramatically THIS year as opposed to in the past. That’s a discussion for another day- or maybe tonight.

However- for now- let’s look at the issue as Mr. Cowley suggest it’s high time to leave (Lucile)

“And while Major League Baseball has more than a few issues that need addressing, somewhere in that list should be getting a team out of Canada.”


Let’s look at some numbers Joe, shall we?????

Low attendance = time to remove the franchise correct?

Well, given that, we need to consider avg attendance per game and I would think where that number puts that team compared to the rest of the teams in the league right? Only fair isn’t it???

Which hypothetical market should lose it’s team..

Exhibit A:

year avg attendance place amongst other teams (/30)
2004 13,000 27/30
2006 13,000 29/30
2007 12,000 29/30
2008 16,000 19/30

Exhbit B:

year avg attendance place amongst other teams (/30)
2005 24,000 23/30
2006 28,000 18/30
2007 29,000 18/30
2008 29,000 18/30

Well??? (and I can fill in 2009 and 2010 for 1 of them in a minute)

Given the numbers above, the market that is Exhibit A should lose it’s franchise right Joe???

I mean – look at the apathy. Three out of those 4 years they are in the bottom 3 teams in the entire league! Back up the trucks Mr. Irsay and move those Blackhawks!

What you say??????

Yes, Exhibit A is the Chicago Blackhawks, the owners of the 27th, 29th, 29th, worst attendance records in the entire pathetic league that is the NHL! Exhibit B is the team that as Alex Rios says “there’s no real following here. There’s that small group of diehards, but it’s hockey, hockey, hockey. It’s gotten sad here. They just don’t really care.”

Before you want to look at the Blue Jays, who, even last year averaged 23,000 fans per game- which was still 22/30 teams look at those teams below the Jays for potential moving targets.

I mean you want to rip the Blue Jays, that’s fine. The numbers don’t lie.

The Blackhawks- who clearly under Joe’s theory should have moved jumped to first in attendance in 2009 and in 2010! Will the Blue Jays ever get to number 1??????? I have no friggin clue. Here’s what I do know. Let’s reserve judgement until at least the end of the year. If the Blue Jays average around 11k a game the rest of the way- the numbers will show it. We know when Halladay throws here they will sell out. That game plus the home opener will be averaged out at seasons end. I could be wrong, but I am willing to make a friendly bet that the Blue Jays won’t be in the bottom 3, attendance wise this year.

“It’s kind of a sad situation up here,” Guillen said. ”There are people supporting Toronto baseball, but it’s sad when you remember 10 or 20 years ago how exciting it was to come play up here. There was enthusiasm in the city. There were great things happening here.

”Hopefully the fans realize how important it is to have a baseball team here, and what it will be like if they do leave. It’s all about the fans. This is on them. Especially because this is the only team left in Canada, and they have to show they want to keep it.”

But is it really on the fans to have a sport forced on them that isn’t their own? It would seem like it’s up to Major League Baseball to move the product to a place that really wants it.”

The exact words of Ozzie Guillen could have been said at the end of the Wirtz era with the Blackhawks. With respect to Joe’s comment at the end. I am all for moving teams to places where people really want them. Let’s start with taking those teams who are consistently at the bottom of the attendance standings and move them first. Let’s turn back the hands of time and grab the blackhawks and move them to Hamilton, a market that clearly wants them. When the Blue Jays are at the bottom of the MLB attendance standings then we can talk about moving them. As for now, who wants the Oakland A’s, Florida Marlins, Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals???

Joe Cowley’s article on moving the Toronto Blue Jays out of Toronto is here

I rounded off MLB and NHL attendance figures from ESPN.com

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