Toronto Raptors Should Let Chris Bosh Go

Happy Saturday evening. So as the Raptors season came to a close, yours truly emailed 23 Toronto sports media personalities and asked them the following:

“Your the Toronto Raptors, assume you can sign Bosh at the maximum- would you do it?”

They were told that they could only answer with one word and that no one but I would see the responses.

I got 20 responses back and the results were/are very surprising and overwhelmingly one sided.

Of the 20 people who responded, they are either writers, on television, radio or otherwise in the sports business. Each of them is a recognizable name as well.

Here are the results:

17 responded with “No”- that if they were the Toronto Raptors they wouldn’t sign Bosh at the maximum-
3 responded that they would in fact sign Bosh to a maximum dollar contract if they could.

Now, keep in mind the question wasn’t, will the Toronto Raptors so it’s not a prediction. Rather these MSM’ers are saying that if they were driving the boat they wouldn’t give Bosh the maximum.

Not that we will ever now, at least I don’t think we will, but I would be stunned if Bosh said he wanted to stay and Bryan Colangelo took a pass. I have to believe that there is a slim chance that Colangelo wouldn’t sign Bosh if Bosh wanted to stay. If Bosh is leaving, all we will hear is that he didn’t want to stay.

It should be interesting to hear what Colangelo has to say about his team when he meets the press on Monday. Anything short of a full endorsement of Triano and a promise for wholesale changes would leave me stunned. I expect chemistry to be Colangelo’s buzz word too.

Happy weekend



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April 18, 2010 1:27 am

If I couldn’t do the sign and trade thingy with Bosh I would let him walk, swim or whatever is his pleasure.

The guy is totally out of tune to what needs to be done to take the Raptors to the next level. He is demanding that BC had an all-star wing player which means another scorer. That is the last thing the Raptos need; i.e. another scorer.

Triano stated on post season interview that the Raptors need to improve their defense. Bargnani concurs with that and even said so.

Bosh just wants more offensive players so Bosh doesn’t have to carry so much of load and yet he wants a max contract.

I say dump the guy. Its been fun with Bosh in Toronto but where has his leadership and play taken the Raptos that whole time? To a couple of insignficant playoff appearances. Bosh is not a max contract quality type player. Let someone else who needs a nice complimentary PF have him.


[…] Toronto Sports Media Happy Saturday evening. So as the Raptors season came to a close, yours truly emailed 23 Toronto sports media personalities and asked them the following: […]

April 18, 2010 8:14 am

17- 3 to not sign Bosh to a max deal is crazy.


[…] Toronto Sports Media Happy Saturday evening. So as the Raptors season came to a close, yours truly emailed 23 Toronto sports media personalities and asked them the following: […]

April 18, 2010 9:44 am

I have a suggestion (or maybe a question) for those in the know. The premiss of my suggestion (or question) is that with the other contracts on the books, BC has little wiggle room to improve the team.

So, let’s say that the sign/trade options available to BC are less than desirable….While I don’t believe Bosh is worthy of a max contract – I think I’d consider offering him a short term max contract to keep a name in the city that can give them a shot at making the playoffs….No, it’s not a solution to help them become a championship team. They came 1 game short of making the playoffs…If Turk gets close to what he was and the younger guys improve, at least we’d have an entertaining squad and a chance at the playoffs. When the short term contract expires, Bosh is either worthy of another max contract or you try the sign/trade again….but if the timing were right, you are perhaps in a position to replace other players whose contracts are expiring to put you over the top….Basically I’m suggesting a stop gap measure for a couple of years since there is little opportunity to make wholesale changes this summer….This may even be attractive to Bosh, especially if we are all correct that no other team would pay him the max now…It’s a stop gap measure for all parties.

Does this make any sense?

April 18, 2010 11:35 am

Just sign & trade him, period. If I’m Chris Bosh, I want max $ for max yrs. Fine. However, if I’m Bryan Colangelo, I want a higher draft pick & a decent starter. If we draft well at & 14 (I think), we might get lucky and get a starter, but more probably, a sub. A higher draft pick gives us a better chance at a starter. Net gain of 1 in the rotation. Now all we need to do is trade Hedo & José to get another two subs (that’s what they should be next year), and we still have a rotation, and more D, probably! Yea!!

April 18, 2010 12:49 pm

If I could get my hands on either John Wall or Al-Farouq Aminu, I would.

April 18, 2010 6:31 pm

Bosh will get a max contract,it remains to be seen if you got responses from 17 wise men.

April 18, 2010 9:03 pm

I believe the reason there was such an overwhelming response of no is because if the raptors where to sign back Bosh to a max with the team as is, they would be over the luxury tax with improving, not that they don’t view Bosh as a max player.

Whether one views Bosh as a max play is debatable, but I would like to add one perspective to the argument. Consider the fact that their are 30 franchises, tell my 30 players that are better than Chris Bosh, project out over the next 3 years and what are the chances that Bosh will slip below top 15?
I think the question has to be how do you determine max player. I don’t view Dirk in the range of LeBron or Kobe, but I view him as a Franchise player. After Dirk, I can’t think of anyone better than Bosh to build a team around (This is definitely debatable). Do we look at win/loss? Is that a reflection of the Franchise Player, team, coach, organization, all the above?

The think that confuses me when I hear all this let Bosh walk, is I don’t hear anyone proposing anything that makes the team better without him or any evidence that the team is bad because of him.

April 19, 2010 8:20 am

The reason 17 of 20 respondents answered with a “no” is because so many individuals in Raptorville do not really understand what’s required to win a championship in the NBA, including a high percentage of the team’s fans, MSM members and employees of MLSE, etc.

Blame for poor performance is habitually assigned to the wrong source concerning both the Maple Leafs and the Raptors and until this changes there will be no long term improvement on the ice or court for either team.

For example … wrong impressions concerning the Raptors include:

Chris Bosh is not a player who is worth a maximum contract.

Chris Bosh’s best position is Power Forward.

Chris Bosh is a poor-average defender.

Chris Bosh is not a player who is capable of carrying a team to a deep playoff run.

Chris Bosh is not a first-class leader.

Jose Calderon is a poor defensive player at the point of attack.

Jose Calderon is a low risk PG who is incapable of creating easy shots for his teammates.

Jose Calderon is a poor leader.

Andrea Bargnani is the kind of player around whom a championship team can be built around in the NBA.

Andrea Bargnani is a capable defensive player.

Andrea Bargnani’s personality and specific skill-set at the position which he happens to play best are not main problems for the Raptors.

Andrea Bargnani is a top notch athlete as a Center in the NBA.

Andrea Bargnani is a top notch athlete as a Power Forward in the NBA.

Andrea Bargnani’s best position in the NBA is Small Forward.

Andrea Bargnani’s best position in the NBA is Power Forward.

Antoine Wright is a good defensive player.

Antoine Wright is the best defensive wing player on the Raptors.

Antoine Wright is an out-spoken player who qualifies as a leader based on what he has to say about the play of his team when he speaks with the media.

Jarrett Jack is a better Point Guard than Jose Calderon.

Jarrett Jack is a solid offensive player.

Jarrett Jack is a solid defensive player.

Jarrett Jack has the type of personality around whom a contending team can be built in the NBA.

Hedo Turkoglu is a top notch SF in the NBA who deserved a $50.0 M contract last summer as an UFA.

Hedo Turkoglu is the type of defensive player who can thrive as a teammate of players like Chris Bosh, Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani.

Reggie Evans is the type of player who can bring a sense of toughness to the team he plays for in the NBA, at this stage of his career.

Marco Belinelli has a scorer’s mentality and is best used as an Off Guard in the NBA.

DeMar DeRozan is not a better NBA player than Antoine Wright and/or Sonny Weems.

Marcus Banks is not a better back-up PG than Jarrett Jack.

etc., etc., etc.

The actual list is almost endless.

Until these types of misperceptions are changed in the minds of many around Raptorville … this organization will continue to under-achieve on a consistent basis.

April 19, 2010 8:34 am

Here’s a simple test of who knows what concerning the proper workings of the NBA:

Q1. In recent years which, if any, of the following teams have failed to re-sign the best player on their own team?

LA Lakers
Orlando Magic
Boston Celtics
San Antonio Spurs
Cleveland Cavaliers
Miami Heat
Dallas Mavericks
Detroit Pistons


The best organizations in the NBA [i.e. those that are actually trying to WIN the NBA championship and NOT merely trying to be “competitive” profit-making machines for their owner] are the ones that ALWAYS re-sign their best player.

The “Treadmill Teams” in the NBA [i.e. those that are NOT really trying to WIN the NBA championship but are merely trying to be “competitive” profit-making machines for their owner] are the ones that fail to regularly re-sign their own best player.

May 1, 2010 8:21 pm

wtf why the hell would they trade theire best player i no that he had a couple bad games in the past so everyone does doesnt mean he should be traded i no even though he cost the raptors the playoffs he was the only one that got the ball to take the shot everyone else was doin nothin. so they should shut up and let cb4 stay he is #1 player in past present or future of basketball

June 23, 2012 10:12 pm

Bryan Colangelo lied to everyone on how he handled the Bosh departure. But I am so glad that Bosh got his championship Thursday night. As for the Raptors, there will be no chance in hell they will ever make an NBA FINALS appearance especially under horrible ownership MLSE!!

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