Toronto Raptors Should Let Chris Bosh Go

Happy Saturday evening. So as the Raptors season came to a close, yours truly emailed 23 Toronto sports media personalities and asked them the following:

“Your the Toronto Raptors, assume you can sign Bosh at the maximum- would you do it?”

They were told that they could only answer with one word and that no one but I would see the responses.

I got 20 responses back and the results were/are very surprising and overwhelmingly one sided.

Of the 20 people who responded, they are either writers, on television, radio or otherwise in the sports business. Each of them is a recognizable name as well.

Here are the results:

17 responded with “No”- that if they were the Toronto Raptors they wouldn’t sign Bosh at the maximum-
3 responded that they would in fact sign Bosh to a maximum dollar contract if they could.

Now, keep in mind the question wasn’t, will the Toronto Raptors so it’s not a prediction. Rather these MSM’ers are saying that if they were driving the boat they wouldn’t give Bosh the maximum.

Not that we will ever now, at least I don’t think we will, but I would be stunned if Bosh said he wanted to stay and Bryan Colangelo took a pass. I have to believe that there is a slim chance that Colangelo wouldn’t sign Bosh if Bosh wanted to stay. If Bosh is leaving, all we will hear is that he didn’t want to stay.

It should be interesting to hear what Colangelo has to say about his team when he meets the press on Monday. Anything short of a full endorsement of Triano and a promise for wholesale changes would leave me stunned. I expect chemistry to be Colangelo’s buzz word too.

Happy weekend



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