Toronto Sports Media Game of the Night

College of Sports Media Game of the Night:

I was on the DVP this afternoon and was listening to a beat reporter talk about the San Jose Sharks. He said the Sharks were loose and laid back. This is the same team that lost Sunday’s game in overtime – despite out-shooting the Colorado Avalanche 51-17 and having one of their d-man pull a Bryan McCabe (if you don’t know – check out If I was a Shark (the San Jose kind) I would be freaking out!! Why does this happen to them every year? What did Joe Thornton or Patrick Marleau do to the hockey gods (we all know what Dany Heatley did)? I can somewhat see why the Sharks are feeling good. They dominated the Avs all game long and had some unlucky bounces gone the other way there’s a good chance they would be leading the series 3-0. Contrary to popular belief Thornton has been pretty good this series. He’s done what he needs to do – be the set up guy and work behind the net. Unfortunately for him Marleau and Heatley aren’t finishing (Heatley did miss the last game, but is expected to play tonight). San Jose also needs better play from its goalie – Evgeni Nabokov. Having an .884 save percentage is not good enough. Colorado on the other hand, should take a look at what they were doing offensively and do the exact opposite. You cannot expect things to continue when you get a total of seven shots combined between the second and third periods. One thing that doesn’t need to change in the Mile High City is the play of Craig Anderson. He’s the only reason that Colorado is up 2-1 in the series. If Anderson keeps this up, San Jose won’t be the only team getting upset in the West.

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