Stellick & Landry: “A Couple Of Dopey Hosers”

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You know how I feel about that moronic article by Joe Cowley from Chicago. I think I made it pretty clear. When I saw on twitter that Cowley was going to be on the Fan590, I thought good- first- good on Cowley for being man enough for coming on and good on whoever was going to tell the guy off for making ignorant comments.

Now, I’m still impressed Cowley showed up and well, totally embarassed for the folks on the morning show at the fan.

Cowley comes on and says that Toronto is a great hockey town. He says this whole thing started during SARS when he was stuck in a hotel room and he said he felt that he was in a third world country becuase he couldn’t leave his hotel room. He said this while on the air with a Chicago radio station. After the fact he was approached by Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun who asked him if he really had said that he felt like he was in a third world country. According to Cowley, he said to Elliott that he did say it, but that he tried to provide context. Cowley told the guys that Elliott had no interest in listening to the story and that was because Elliott is part of the old boys network who doesn’t respect younger guys (again, according to Cowley). Clearly Cowley isn’t an Elliott fan. He then talked about Richard Griffin also having it in for him as Cowley has been coming to Toronto since the late 90’s.

When he was asked about the comments about Toronto as a baseball market, Cowley said that he feels that baseball isn’t working here. He pointed to the lack of coverage baseball gets, referring specifically to the poor placement in the newspapers; he mentioned that he was listening to a station after the Jays game (590) and that a caller suggested that the Jays need a new ballpark and the host said that a new stadium would only draw people for a year.

Stellick brought up other markets where baseball numbers are low, asking why Cowley was in essence singling out Toronto. Cowley said that its about more than attendance. He explained that In Toronto hockey is the most popular then soccer. Where does baseball fit in, he asked. Cowley then said that in the American markets where baseball is struggling there are huge economic problems. Here is where Cowley looses me, he claims that in the USA football is king (kind of like hockey here no?). He says that in Cleveland, where the economy has been especially hit hard, people are spending their sports money on Lebron and then on the Browns. Ok, I can buy that argument. BUT HOW IS THAT ANY DIFFERENT THAN HERE??????? I don’t want to debate where baseball is in the sports hierarchy. For arguments sake let’s say he’s right and it’s hockey, soccer than baseball. How is that different than Cleveland, where it’s basketball (only since Lebron arrived) then Browns and Indians? It doesn’t!

Stellick then brought up the same issue I did- the Chicago Blackhawks who were in the absolute basement of the NHL in attendance. Cowley said that Stellick was right that hockey was ignored for a while. Stellick pressed him on the issue, prompting Cowley’s weakest argument that it’s different with the Blackhawks because their an original six franchise – there’s a history there. Now that’s just crap. While Wirtz owned the Blackhawks the joke was that the only hockey fans in Chicago were season ticket holders. Despite the team being last or near it in attendance no one ever suggested the team be moved. Stellick rightly suggested that the Jays should be allowed to get back on track before concluding that the team be moved. To me Cowley’s arguments were baseless. I think he was easily challengable based on how he presented his case. The call then took a turn for the worse.

Let me preface it by saying that I know time is tight on radio. I know the hosts have commercials, traffic news etc to get to. However, this was a big topic and a coup for them to get Cowley on. Clearly they were up against a break, but man did Landry handle the rest of the call poorly. In my opinion he should have asked Cowley if he could stick around. He could have said, thanks for coming on, we disagree with you etc…. Instead he said, well, were out of time, maybe your a nice guy who’s trying to be funny and if so let me just say kiss my back bacon behind! Cowley was clearly surprised by Landry’s comment said something along the lines of whatever…

Now, I don’t know what Landry was trying to do or say. It appears that he, like many of us had our minds made up about the story and Cowley after the stories appeared about Cowley in the National Post and the Toronto Star. So I get Landry’s obvious attitude starting the interview. However, and I am not going to take sides on the Bob Elliott part, but let’s just say that the part about SARS does make sense. I know people who were stuck in Europe this week who said they felt like they were stuck in a third world country.

As I said above, Cowley was easily attack able on the merits of his arguments. Landry’s comment at the end wasn’t mean spirited as some have suggested, it was, unfunny and plain embarrassing. I really feel badly for Stellick. Apparently an apology was issued by Landry this am as people were emailing in about his comment. To be honest the apology should be made to Stellick. The proof, from my perspective came from the comment a long time sports personality left on this site: “Joe Cowley roasted your radio boobs the other day on this subject when they tried to ambush him about this. They had absolutely no retort and looked like dopey hosers.”

It’s hard to argue with that. The “retorts” available were many. Why Landry chose the one he did is quite surprising. Why not ask him to stick around? Up until then it was good radio. Given the subject matter lots of people would have written about it. I don’t get why Landry ended the segment the way he did. Oh well. Maybe we will hear more.

You can hear the interview here

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April 22, 2010 12:57 am

Agree. Terrible interview. It should have been easy to tear Cowley’s argument to shreds, and they did nothing. Landry, resorted to something that, even as a joke, was pretty childish. They should have been able to use rational arguments to prove their points. It’s not that hard to do in this case.

I would love to have heard Wilner, McCown, Blair, The Game Plan guys or pretty much anyone else interview Cowley.

April 22, 2010 7:50 am

I’ve said it before, Landry is an embarrassment to the radio station. If he was ever relevant, and I’m not sure he was, he’s been left behind by sports talk hosts who actually engage their audience, are passionate about sports, and embrace the new media concepts. Landry is none of those things, and it will only get worse.

He’s living on borrowed time on a mediocre show which never ever sounds energetic or refreshed, and when the time is right, as his crankiness is probably indicating, he’s finished there.

Only question is when and who replaces him and whether Stellick who certainly can’t be a lead figure on a show can survive the purge and maybe switch to another time slot. Gord is a much better fit to be paired with Mike Hogan and give him some slight degree of humour for a sports nerd who has none.

It’s a mess in those two morning shows, but I have a feeling it won’t be for much longer. Rogers brass are demanding changes and improvements.

mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
April 22, 2010 9:20 am

I would love to have heard Wilner, McCown, Blair, The Game Plan guys or pretty much anyone else interview Cowley.

i think the point is that Cowley is a bit of a boob himself, and the only people who would waste their time interviewing him are the two boobs in the morning.

if the new PD at the Fan needed an excuse to make some changes this event might just provide the opening.

April 22, 2010 10:17 am

I thought Stellick was fine in the interview, but was shocked when Landry ended it the way he did. It was immature and really silly. It basically made him look more foolish than Cowley. I really wish they could find someone else to team Gord with and cut Don loose. His terrible impressions are really grating (although I admit to sitting through them for my sports fix on the way to work). I always liked Gord and Damien together…or maybe Gord and Elliotte.

April 22, 2010 12:20 pm

Yeah, good point, Mike.

(BTW – What’s going on with the FC is awesome, but I think it’s a little early to place them ahead of the Jays and Raptors. With 15 home games and 20K seats, they’ve got a great supply and demand thing going. But there’s nothing really going on, TV ratings wise. Love what they’re doing, but just sayin’)

Mike S
Mike S
April 22, 2010 1:41 pm

Landry had an agenda going into the interview and he embarassed himself at the end of the interview……….he basically called Cowley a liar…………his “kiss my butt” line was not funny at all and was pretty much an insult to a guy who was man enough to agree to come on the air and explain his anti-Toronto comments

Landry’s apology the next day was not to Cowley……… was one of those “I’m sorry if anyone listening was offended”, which really is not an apology at all…………..I have never been a fan of his and he seems to be just mailing it in at this point………….I agree with all of the other people who say that he needs to be replaced……… fact he needed to be replaced a long time ago

April 22, 2010 5:43 pm

Landry tried the populist angle, it backfired.It is amazing how much of the Jays coverage is attendance related since the Cowley story,just read the story headlines,and all things cosidered, they’re not having a bad start to the season,at least on the field.

April 22, 2010 10:35 pm

Agree Egg on Laundry trying to do the populist thing, padding his ego by telling off that yank. But then in the end he just became like him. A blowhard who ego needs to make it about himself. Stelleck I can handle, I think he can be okay with a decent host, but Landry is just unlistenable. I like sports and I listen more to WGR stuff than these guys. I don’t just listen to local stations over them, but Niagara station over these guys.

Glad you enjoyed the FC match, I went as well. It’s the best sports experience in the city. It reminds me a bit of an NCAA experience, the energy from the crowd is something very unique to this city. There was a great article on it in eyeweekly last week about how they wanted to make it different than other sports here and make it about the game/crowd/environment and not about the scoreboard or promotion gimmick like free pizza that you see on other sports. TFC has been such an interesting experiment on how to present a live sports product. As much of a jerk Cowley is, it’s nice to hear somebody give TFC and soccer fans in the city some credit to their support and popularity of the team as a live event. It sure not heard from the local radio guys.

I think if you take away all of the doucheness (oops it’s the TFC fan in me talking lol) away from Cowley he does bring up some half-decent points but you and Stelleck brought up better counterpoints. I do think we demonize in the city anybody who might be critical. Rios saying there is too much hockey coverage is a common complaint of the followers of other sports who think they get the scraps in coverage.

But whats strange is that baseball gets pretty good coverage here, Wilmer has a post game show ever game, writers like Griffin and Elliott are regular guest, so are writers/espn guys from south of the border, not even including the local PBP radio/TV guys. I always think hockey gets too much, but does baseball really are that short changed compared to the other sports here. I think there could be argued if we are just talking locally baseball/Blue Jays has the second most sports content. I like baseball so I am not complaining, but the coverage of the team is much higher than the actual attendance.

April 23, 2010 1:38 am

FMT – the Jays are at a serious lowpoint, no doubt. But if you consider the number of games they play, and the good TV and radio numbers they still manage to get, I think the coverage is appropriate. Per game attendance can be a little misleading when you’re talking about a team playing 81 home games in a 50K stadium.

Yeah, I’d say baseball coverage is pretty good. Love having Buck back. The only thing that occasionally irks me is, say, when 640 will interview a Panthers 3rd liner in July when nothing is going on NHL wise, instead of talking baseball at all. They’re kind of the exception though. Overall a Jays fan can’t really complain about coverage (especially compared to say, the Raptors).

Disagree with you about Cowley. I don’t think he made any good points other than Toronto should have 2 NHL teams, and that the FC is a fun experience. The guy is a douche, in my opinion.

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