Is Senator Jacques Demers Anti-Semetic?

Enough people have sent me this over the last 24 hours that I felt compelled to post it. A couple of things I have to say to start. I laugh every time I hear Senator Jacques Demers. I’m sorry. It just seems to me that by having him as member of the Canadian Senate, it lessens the importance of the position. That’s not to say that others on the senate don’t denigrate the name too- it’s just one person’s opinion.

A little background before I get to point two. Senator Demers was on television with TSN’s Michael Landsberg. It appears from the video from Gawker that it’s the end of a segment and Landsburg (who just happens to be Jewish by the way), ask Senator Demers where he, Landsburg should go while in Montreal. Senator Demers tells Landsberg that Landsberg’s options are limited in that he is a married guy and first suggests that Landsberg stay in his hotel room. Then Senator Demers suggests that Landsberg head out for smoke meat, head to Mosche’s, “jewish place” Demers continues, “for a nice Jewish boy like you” says Senator Demers “soon as you walk in with your nose, they’ll say sit down Mr. Landsberg”.

Now, couple of relevant points. First, Landsberg laughs through the entire segment. The end is cut off, but he certainly doesn’t appear to be offended by Demers’ comment. I think that is important. If Landsberg didn’t take the comment to be offensive then why should any of us? Personally, I don’t find the comment to be offensive, but rather nothing more than sad. It’s just a symbol as to the type of guy Senator Demers appears to be. I have witnessed first hand way more offensive and patently racist behavior. However I don’t think there really are degrees of ignorance. I’m not trying to sit on a soap box and claim perfect behavior. Therefore I am not going to publicly condemn Senator Demers. The truth is it was at best an insensitive thing to say(with the intent to be funny only), and at worst incredibly stupid given the position he now holds. Senator Demers could be the most giving person alive. He may sit on the boards of 15 charities (Jewish or otherwise), it only takes 1 second, 1 comment to soil that reputation.

The video can be seen here:

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