Sens Lose!

Sorry I haven’t written all weekend. I have caught the bug that is going around. I am feeling “healed” though with the Senators getting bounced from the playoffs tonight. No real angle here except that the cosmos are clearly aligned tonight.

Not much else to write about right now as the MSMers are all busy reporting on non local stories. Stay tuned perhaps something will catch my eye in the Sunday papers.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Sens loss.




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    Sens getting ousted made my weekend. Now for the Habs…

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    …and people wonder why leaf fan is the most hated in sports…

    Well, this does add credence to the fact that the Penuins were getting fantastic calls from the refs and the Toronto War Room.

    Congrats Toronto Maple Penguins – make sure to bring the Cup up to your northern base (ie. the Pens 5th line!)

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    Mike S 10 years ago

    Let’s see………….the Leafs haven’t played a playoff game in 6 years and just had their worst season since the mid 1980’s………..but despite all of that, several of their supporters felt the need to gloat when the Seantors got knocked out of the playoffs over the weekend…………I don’t think I will ever understand Leaf fans