More On Demers/Landsberg

It’s late but a story in the Globe and Mail just hit my RSS reader. The story by Bruce Dowbigin is good, but it’s the byline that really caught my attention:

“TSN host brushes off senator’s anti-Semitic gaffe”

In the story Landsberg explains his long and important relationship with Demers. He says they talk “Jewish” all the time. Landsberg says that he didn’t hear the comment until after the show and he Ian offended by it.

Now, the most important part of Landsberg’s comment is when he says, it’s not for me to decide what offends people. And he is 100% right. Landsberg asked his dad and his dad wasn’t offended. As I said in my article, I wasn’t offended either.

The gist of the story I think is that Landsberg wants the world to know Demers isn’t a biggot. I think that’s fantastic. I would hate to know otherwise. Good on Landsberg for saying so. He clearly really like Jacques and given Landsberg stellar reputation that goes a long way in my irrelevant opinion.

But, and it’s big one. Demers isn’t just a hockey personailty anymore. He’s now a Canadian Senator. So when he speaks he is representing that position and this country and he should know better. It’s one thing for an idiot like me to ask, and that’s all I did was ask, if he made an anti-Semitic remark. It’s an entrely different story when the Globe and Mail claim it to be an anti-Semitic gaffe.

Whether Demers meant it or not, and I’m sure he didn’t mean it as such, it was an anti-Semitic gaffe.

I’m typing on a mobile devce, link to follow in the am.

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