Did Toronto Raptors Not Want To Make Playoffs?

So I caught the end of PTS on the fan this evening and heard Bob Mccown and Bruce Arthur talking about LeBron James’ post game interview last night where he said that he was glad they got to play the Chicago Bulls and not the Raptors because he wanted to be tested and it was clear to him that the Raptors didn’t want to be in the playoffs. I am paraphrasing here.

Arthur and Mccown (who are good together)laughed about this, suggesting that it was true that there was at least a few members of the Raptors who didn’t want to make the playoffs only to get destroyed by LeBron and co. Mccown and Arthur hinted away at who the player(s) in question were and the show ended.

I am assuming they were referring to Bosh. Other Raptors gurus, tell me am I wrong? Is that the school of thought out there? If so wow! What a bunch of losers !



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