More Morons In The MSM

So it seems the cement-head mentality of some media types isn’t limited to just Canada. As we all know misery loves company, so we call sigh in relief. Get a load of these two boobs:

Mike Bacsik, the producer at “The Ticket” KTCK-AM (1310), Bacsik, a former major league pitcher who served up a rather large home run to Mr. Bary Bonds allegedly issued the following tweets while watching an NBA game:

“Congrats to all the dirty mexicans in San Antonio” and “If I get cancer and I’m going to die I wil blow NBA offices.”

Bacsik, claimed that he was drunk at a bar when he issued those ingenious tweets. Monday he was suspended. Today he was fired.

“A former major league pitcher, Bacsik is most known in baseball for serving up Barry Bonds’ record-breaking 756th home run in 2007.”

Bacsik had this to say :

“I know words on paper can sound cold and harsh without emotion,” Bacsik said. “But for the people of San Antonio who probably will never forgive me, I say I am sorry.”

Next in line is Boston’s own Fred Toettcher who allegedly compared Tim Tebow and his families draft celebration to a Nazi rally:

“During Friday’s show, Toettcher decribed Tebow’s party, saying “it looked like some kind of Nazi rally. . . . So lily-white is what I’m trying to say. Yeah, Stepford Wives,”

Ooops. He offered up an apology yesterday:

“told listeners he made some remarks about Tebow’s draft party that “ended up offending some people.”

ummmm ya think????

“I truly, truly can tell you that was not my intention. I apologize to you that were offended,” Toettcher said at the end of his four-hour show. “I just apologize, and I regret what I said,” he added.”

I will say it again. I saint I am not. Mistakes in my life I have certainly made. I rarely quote my mother in law but she was right when she said the key to life is not doing things that you have to apologize for.

So far, no disciplinary action has been taken with respect to Fred Toettcher.

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