TSM Axe Anthem

So our friends at AXE have asked us to post our Anthem. What you ask is an Anthem? Here is the info:

“an event or experience that changed me. The Anthem can be anything (so use your imagination) but examples include a wild party, an unforgettable post-game event or meeting an all time fav athlete. Whatever the event, it needs to have been life changing and one that left one feeling less than squeaky clean.”

So obviously, the easiest life changing event would be the birth of my 2 kids. Talk about not feeling squeaky clean after the fact! I mean I could have used several Axe products the days following a few days in the hospital or after the first few weeks or months when each child came home. So that would be the easiest.

Then there could be the Super Bowl weekend in New Orleans where, well, where I saw god. No joke. One night on Bourbon Street and well….. You know how it starts, your a young adult (legal age I assure you), you go innocently enough (yeah right) for dinner and after which your cousin grabs you and suddenly you are away from the rest of the group. Your at the bar drinking Hurricanes at Pat O’Briens. Feeling no effect, you give the girl on the street a couple of dollars for those .10 jello shots she is selling on the street. Still, no worse for the wear you end up in another bar telling some fine young ladies that you are in town representing Canada at the Izvestia Cup. Clearly they are impressed and you are now drinking some purple concoction on Bourbon Street.

Now suddenly it’s the wee hours of the night, the booze has most certainly kicked in. Your, still with your cousin, and a couple of thousand others in a bar demanding that the bar keep change the channel to ESPN so you can see the Maple Leafs highlights from the previous night. The Leafs happened to win that night, resulting in a rousing chant of go-leafs go in the bar and yes, a few more rounds being ordered along with some popcorn shrimp!

The god seeing part? Well, that would come as you suddenly make it back to your hotel room without getting sick. Now here is the Anthem part. My brother, the one we separated from earlier in the night, wakes you the next morning. The story he tells is that he heard you come back to the hotel room. You apparently stumbled into the room- singing- he’s not quite sure what it is and after spending some length of time in the bathroom (and again not being sick) you stumble towards your bed only to make a quick u turn and decide to hop into his bed with him (easy killers- fully clothed) and pass out!

So, yes that could be my Axe Anthem. I mean having to meet the rest of the group at breakfast the next morning at a place called Mothers- which is clearly the last place one wants to be the morning after an Anthem evening. Talk about a time when some Axe products were drastically needed! The guys you are with are ordering inch thick pieces of ham that are dripping with fat and grizzle.

Rest assured when I left New Orleans after the game (which I clearly don’t remember) I was a changed man forever. I swore off booze, and as memory serves me right, that pledge lasted almost an entire week. Oh to be young again!

Now, here’s the good part: You have to submit your own version of your Axe Anthem. Doing so will give you a chance to win your very own Flip Camera!



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