What’s Chris Bosh Thinking?

Let’s assume for one second that Chris Bosh didn’t lose control of his twitter account today. If he was hacked- all bets are off. So everything that comes after this doesn’t apply if word comes out that it wasn’t him driving his twitter account today.

For those of you who haven’t heard or seen, Toronto Raptor- for now, basketball player Chris Bosh apparently took to his twitter account tonight to ask people what he should do with his career:

“Been wanting to ask. Where should I go next season and why?”

That was the opening line from @chrisbosh at around 6:25pm this evening.

Nothing more was tweeted for an hour from the account until about an hour after that when he wrote:

“Ok… Let me rephrase the question. Should I stay or should I go?”

So let’s take a step back and examine why someone like Chris Bosh would do that. I mean only a couple of days ago LeBron James pretty much accused Bosh and his teammates of not wanting to be in the playoffs. Several members of the Toronto Sports Media wrote about it, the best of which, in my opinion was Jeff Blair who said:

“The NBA is a social club, and if you are prepared to buy the management line that his peers could get Bosh to shut it down over champagne during the all-star break, it also stands to reason that James’s remarkable candour about the Raptors wasn’t a revelation to those same members of Murmurer’s Row who were in Bosh’s ear. Turns out the Raptors can fool sportswriters, fans and maybe even management. But not their peers.”

Although names haven’t been named, the VERY strong hints that we’ve heard is that at least one of the guys who didn’t want to make the playoffs was our twitter author. So….. why go this route right now? Is this a guy who is trying to engage his fans? Given that he wrote it about 3 and 4 hours ago and hasn’t written anything since, it doesn’t seem like he was overly chatty. Did Bosh write it on twitter to egg on Bryan Colangelo? I mean does Bosh want to push Colangelo to see where or if hey may snap? Did he do this as a sign of disrespect to Colangelo? Was this done to start the slow road to out? I mean is this Bosh’s way of letting people down?

Or, is this just another sign of a huge ego that needs stroking. Is this a guy who is on the periphery at the time when the NBA season means the most. Is Bosh crying in his milk that he is totally irrelevant right now and he doesn’t like not being part of the spotlight? Is Bosh so insecure that he needs fans and maybe even team officials to drool over him to beg him to stay? Is that what this is all about?

If I were a betting man, I’m leaning to the latter. I think Bosh is desperate for attention. I think he is trying to get people to tweet back how much they want him. I think his current irrelevance bother him. Most importantly, I think that Bosh is f’n with people. If I were to say I believe Bosh when he says he doesn’t know what he wants to or is going to do, I will guarantee you that he isn’t going to be convinced by people voicing their opinion on twitter. I mean come on, do you think for one second that he is sitting somewhere saying if I get a majority of come back tweets vs. leave tweets then I will stay? Do you think if he gets 5000 tweets saying go to Chicago he will call his agent and say, that’s it get a deal done with the Bulls????? No chance. This isn’t about a guy connecting with his fan base. It’s a guy using his fan base to stroke his ego. Nothing more and nothing less. All in all it’s pretty sad.



Jeff Blair’s article is here

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