A Twitter Over Nothing….

It’s quite amazing what interest 140 characters can create. Prior to twitter we certainly didn’t pay that much attention to such small groupings of letters, numbers and symbols. With that in mind it’s quite interesting to look at 2 “tweets” over the weekend and how quickly we are all to judge and jump up and down all over them.

The first is the Chris Bosh one. Fantastic article by Bruce Arthur in the National Post on the story. I concur that the tweet is nothing but an example of how needy the guy is. I agree further with the Star’s Doug Smith being “bored” at the whole thing already. Even the guys on the fan morning show were talking about Bosh’s tweet this morning. It will be interesting to hear Brady’s take on 640 this afternoon as he is a frequent tweeter.

In the other corner is Federal Heritage Minister James Moore. Moore took to twitter over the weekend and posted the following:

“The Canucks are Canada’s team in these playoffs. Plus, their wearing those handsome Canadian Alliance-esque blue/green jerseys”

Those 140 characters from that author has caused quite a stir. Let me make one thing clear, to steal a line from Pat Burns, I wouldn’t know James Moore if I ran over him with my car. When it comes to issues of sport, I could really care less who a politician is cheering for. I don’t view their sports franchise of choice to be the least bit relevant.

Most importantly, I don’t buy into this “Canada’s team” crap at all. We don’t have a team. I had dinner with my family Friday night and my parents said they were cheering for the Habs over the Penguins because the Habs are Canadian. This was met with tons of groans from the younger generations. Long gone are the days of cheering for a team based upon the geographic location of their home arena. Unless team Canada is playing team insert foreign team name here, I don’t buy this _____________ is by default Canada’s team. When someone claims that their team is Canada’s team, I am able to take it in the spirit it is intended. It’s good old sportsmanship for lack of a better word.

When I hear that horrid song before Leaf games (that my son loves) I laugh. When I hear people claim that the whole country is cheering for the Blue Jays or Raptors as the sole Canadian entries in their respective sports, I laugh. It is what it is. It’s nothing more and to be honest nothing less.

Now I know the question will be raised, by Habs fans I am sure about whether a federal minister should be openly calling a team from the west Canada’s team while the Habs are still playing. Does anyone really care??? Do we think that Moore is more or less likely to do his job in heritage due to whom he is cheering for in the Stanley Cup playoffs? I certainly hope not. Should Moore chosen his words more carefully? He only has 140 characters. He is cheering for his team the same way any of us would and do! Should he have used a personal non government related twitter account to cheer?????? I hope we don’t live in a society where that is necessary.

Take a look at this very good article by Denis McGrath. McGrath is a well known Tv writer and currently represent the Central Region on the Council of the Writers Guild of Canada. He is entirely entitled to his opinion. But don’t ya think he’s gone a little bit overboard? It’s only a hockey game and it’s only 140 characters.

“What does that mean, exactly? Well, to an eye practiced in the art of discerning & interpreting Conservative Party spin — a task that most of us have grown to learn since they took the reins of power four years ago — it is the same old thing of splitting apart into an us or them. Us doesn’t include the CBC, artistic elites, union people, city dwellers — and Quebec. In a fractious, minority parliament situation, divide & conquer, shore up your base & cherry pick some ridings here and there might be the only way toward stability. But it’s killing the country. Killing it.”

Admittedly, I don’t follow federal Canadian politics all that much. I find the “players” and the story lines boring. That’s just me. So I am certainly not one whose eye is well trained in interpreting Conservative Party spin. Having said that, I would like to think that all Moore was doing here was being a fan.

I wonder if the folks who invented twitter ever thought so much would be made of those little 140 characters……


Now, Been wanting to ask. What should I write about next and why?
Ok… Let me rephrase the question. Should I stay on the Bosh subject or move on?




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