Changes Coming At The Fan 590?

I don’t usually pay attention to my spam folder. However an email today from Mike S pointed me to a real gem from the good folks at the Fan590. They sent out a listener poll asking folks to rate local media personalities that I would have missed had it not been pointed out to me.

There were roughly 20 questions in the survey. The first portion of the survey asks you to listen to clips from several on air personalities and then rank how much you like or dislike that personality on a sliding scale from like to dislike. If memory serves me correctly the clips were from Don Landry, Gord Stellick, Mike Hogan, Bob McCown all from the Fan 590. Also included were Bill Watters, Greg Brady and Andy Frost from 640 Toronto. Added to the mix were John Tory, Kathryn Humphreys , George Stroumboulopoulos, Norm Rumack and another personality whom I think may have been John Moore. I may be missing a few and I am not entirely sure on the last one. The second part of the survey used the same ranking systems and the same personalities but this time users are asked to rate the personalities based upon names only. So the question would say something to the effect of how would you rate Gord Stellick as an on air personality and then the user would answer somewhere between the range of like and dislike. The funniest part of this segment to me was the fact that they misspelled Greg Brady’s name and have him listed as Greg Brody.

So, what should one make of this little survey? In all likelihood probably about as much as Chris Bosh’s twitter feed. However, it’s hard to ignore which personalities are included in the survey and which are omitted. For instance, I am curious why users weren’t asked about the hockey central guys or the game plan guys. With the exception of Mike Hogan (Argo play by play) none of the folks involved in actual team coverage were listed either. None of their “beat” reporters were included. I find it interesting that Rumack is included but Toth wasn’t. I find it extremely interesting that John Torey would be included. Where does Kathryn Humphreys , George Stroumboulopoulos and Moore fit in that survey? Why not include the other regular guests in addition to Humphreys? I mean why not Jeff Blair, Stephen Brunt, Bruce Arthur, Scotty Bowman, Glen Healey, Nik Kypreos etc?

I know there is a new program director at the Fan590. The survey is signed by him. It can’t be a surprise to anyone that he is taking stock on what he has and doesn’t have. One would think that the ratings books he gets would tell him all he wanted to know. I give lots of credit to the powers that be at the Fan590 for at least asking the question of those who listen to the station. How much credence the results are given will never be known. To me it’s just another sign that changes are on the horizon.

Lastly, a couple of good articles worth reading…

First Bruce Arthur’s article about tasering is pretty funny.

Jeff Blair’s article on Chris Bosh twittering is good too

Really sad to hear of the passing of Ernie Harwell. I lived in Detroit for a spell and always loved listening to him call games. Harwell’s passing is a sad reminder of a time where radio play by play was an art enjoyed by people who just weren’t in the car. People used to listen to entire games because it was the only way to follow the game live. Harwell was a storyteller. Listening to him calling a game was as if you had invited him into your living room to describe the game. You felt like he was talking to you. There won’t be another Ernie because the medium no longer requires it. It’s too bad.

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you can read and take part in the survey here

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