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Greetings from my last night in this most recent road trip. For the record, 3 nights, 3 hotels. I have tried to watch NHL hockey in each of my hotels, one in Florida, two in Atlanta. Each hotel had enough ESPN channels to last a life time. None carried a network called Versus. Here I am in NHL markets, not playoff markets and I can’t find the game in the comfort of my hotel. If I’m working at the NHL I’m doing deals with major hotel chains to make sure that those who actually want to watch their product can.

Curious if I am the only one who is bothered by the following:

” Vernon Wells strides to the plate and digs his foot into the batter’s box. His senses suddenly are assaulted by a piercing voice.

“Hey Wells!” a fan’s shout reverberates throughout Rogers Centre on a night with another sparse crowd. “You’re finally earning your paycheck. It’s about time you put up some numbers, eh?”

Wells, who is in the third season of a seven-year, $126 million contract with the Toronto Blue Jays, grimaces over lunch as he recalls the taunt. The cavalcade of boos that tormented him a year ago has been mostly silenced this season with the center fielder ranking among the top 10 in the American League in most offensive categories, including home runs (eight), RBI (17), runs (22), total bases (72) and on-base plus slugging percentage (1.032).”

That from the USA Today today, the cover story of the sports section. I don’t know why, but when I read that today it bugged me. Maybe the truth hurts. I don’t know, maybe I am alone in this but reading the words “senses assaulted”, “reverberates throughout Rogers Centre on a night with another sparse crowd.” and of course the inclusion of the Canadian “eh” from the apparent fan, pissed me off. The article is positive on Wells, who is enjoying a bit of a rebirth this season. The opening bit clearly taking a shot at Toronto and whatever baseball fans are left. I guess I know how hockey fans in those cities with empty arenas feel when Canadian media types do nothing but comment on empty arenas then. What I guess I won’t get used to is the obvious over use of the sterotypical “Eh” which every Canadian uses all the time…..

Bill Houston, wrote a few days ago that Greg Millen had been “shelved” by Hockey Night in Canada. Chris Zelkovich, a recent target of Mr. Houston’s followed that story up today with some quotes from the folks at the CBC who said Millen is bent not bust Betty:

“Greg is still a big part of Hockey Night,” says executive producer Sherali Najak. “He’s been here for a long time and I expect he will continue to be.”

I may be in the minority here, but I tend to prefer Millen to the new CBC flav of the month Garry Galley.

Dowbiggin reported this morning that Sportsnet personality Sean McCormick would be making a run for Toronto City Council in the upcoming civic election (that yours truly is paying lots of attention to).

Zelkovich, in his column has the story on McCormick who is running in the same ward as the son of NDPer Jack Layton, which is reason enough to vote for McCormick in my small, and insignificant mind.

Lawrence Taylor may be totally innocent of the recent charges against him but unless the accuser totally fabricated this WHOLE story, one can only ask what the hell was LT thinking being anywhere near a 16 year old girl. Unless this girl pulled this out of thin air, it’s hard to see how this comes out well for LT. No, not our LT, the hall of fame LT.

Oh…..and this just in, Reinsdorf is apparently out as potential owner of the Phoenix Coyotes. Interesting story on the boardroom shenanigans by Scott Burnside, from which this gem originates:

“The situation in Glendale remains fluid; if the city does not agree to the league’s conditions (on the Ice Edge Holdings deal), it is possible the NHL will instead move quickly to finalize a purchase agreement with Canadian billionaire David Thomson and move the team to Winnipeg. Sources tell ESPN.com there is a purchase agreement ready if the Glendale situation disintegrates. If the team moves to Winnipeg, the Ice Edge group would then move the existing AHL team, the Manitoba Moose, to Thunder Bay, Ontario. ”

Got that ??????? Clear as mud EH?



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