Questions Abound

Hey all, not too much to write about this evening, so I thought I would throw out some questions that I have been thinking about and pondering discussing on upcoming episodes of the Pressbox, would love some feedback:

1. Do you think that the a new, smaller stadium would help the Blue Jays fortunes out at all? Aside from the usual lift a new stadium provides, do you think the Skydome is part of the problem?

2. Do you think that Toronto would/could support a 2nd full time all sports radio station. Forgetting the personalities, do you think there is enough to talk about on a 2nd station? Is there enough demand?

3. Honestly, do you think another NHL franchise would be successful in Toronto? Toronto commonly referred to as the hockey mecca, but is that true or is just the Maple Leafs mecca?

4. Do you think Toronto would support an NFL franchise?

5. Do you think the NHL CBA/Cap system did what it sought out to do? Was the lockout worth it?




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