The Carlo Colaiacovo Drinking Game

I listened into the Landry and Stellick Show this am. This is the first time in a very long time I felt really badly for interviewers. This has to be the reason guys like Mccown don’t like to interview athletes in general.

Seriously, the next time you can’t sleep, or are curious the pain of child labour or root canal listen to Carlo.

Every time he says Ummm or Ahhh drink. Please don’t drive after listening in….

Landry and Stellick talk to Carlo Colaiacovo is here

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mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
May 12, 2010 10:39 am

This has to be the reason guys like Mccown don’t like to interview athletes in general.

i used to actually think that was an interesting part of McCown’s show — no boring athletes giving pat answers about 110%. Most athlete interviews are fluff jobs, and they are so averse to saying anything honest that you could fill in the answers yourself beforehand.

then McCown started interviewing members of the Buffalo Bills and Leaf prospect Nazeem Khadri (sp?). I wonder if he is caving to demands from his superiors.

Raptors Devotee
Raptors Devotee
May 12, 2010 10:45 am

Totally agree. Carlo I am sure has been blacklisted after that dreadful performance. Even Landry was using some Ummms, likely as a result of hearing all of Carlo’s and catching it like a bad cold.

McCown hates interviewing athletes, and he has said so on many occasions, and your point is well taken as to why. Let’s hope that he is not pressured to do more of the ones you alluded to, as they are a waste of time. When McCown did his show “The Business of Sports” he was able to get away from that. I miss that show, but at least have PTS to cover some of what he did on that one.

May 12, 2010 12:09 pm

Wow, what a boring interview. Maybe I’m alone in this – but why interview Carlo C. at this point anyway? Who cares if he wants to stay with the Blues or not?

Mike S
Mike S
May 12, 2010 1:49 pm

One of the best things about McCown’s show is that he doesn’t interview athletes very often………….if it was up to me he would have even less athletes on the show than he already does…………Mike in Boston is right about the Buffalo Bills players…………I have no desire to hear those type of interviews.

Last week they had an interview scheduled with a CIS football player who had been taken in the recent CFL draft…………when it was time for the interview they couldn’t find him……………when that happened McCown told Brunt that they wouldn’t be having any more athletes on the show…………I hope he follows through on that vow but I doubt it

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