How Do We Speed Up Time?

I looked at the calendar today and thought, wow almost half way through May, that means June is almost coming which of course means the NHL draft is around the corner and this void of Maple Leaf banter is almost over (I know – no picks but at least rumours). Then I looked to see the date of the NHL draft and saw it isn’t until June 25-26th! What the [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected] are we supposed to do until then??????

This not being in the playoffs is making it harder and harder to be a sports fan in this town. Seriously. If the Raptors and Leafs want to keep my interest they may want to do something that gets the MSMers to say something. I mean Bill Lankhoff has been reduced to writing a 2 page column on Hamilton- and calling IT loserville. The Toronto is loserville story is so old Lankhoff had to look west on the QEW to the poor folks in Hamilton!

Simmons took to writing a piece in Philadelphia and Cox followed suit. It’s kind of funny how the entire group of hockey writers drank the Reinsdorf is out, Coyotes are moving to Phoenix kool aide “rumour” last week. That got shot down in all of 9 seconds in the Glendale city meeting. At least until Goldwater files suit there isn’t even anything to talk about there. Except for the fact that David Shoalts and one of the Ice Edge boys have a nice little war of words going on, Ice Edge on Twitter and Shoalts in the Globe and Mail.

Want to know how dead it is here right now?????? I’m told that almost a dozen reporters attended the Argo’s pre draft press conference. No knock on the Argos, but WOW.

So… it is….Bryan, Brian—– we can’t keep up at this lame pace- please do SOMETHING- anything we need something local to capture our attention longer than the Blue Jays moving a home series to Philly. Trust me it won’t take much to get our tongues a waggin- anything would be fantastic!



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