Toronto Sunday Sports Rumblings

So, let’s see the Jays are on a run. Come stats “geeks” tell me how much further along they were last year. Even if they were, this team feels a hell of a lot different than the squads in the past, especially those managed by JP. 25,000 fans were at the Dome today. 2nd highest turnout of the season. Is that the start of something????? Let’s hope so.

So, LeBron got broomed from the playoffs and the folks in Cleveland have already decided they don’t want the door to hit him on the way out. Man, you think people ripped Bosh- take a look at the Cavs message boards and newspapers….Wow.

Did you see this in the NY Daily News?:

“If James leaves the Cavs, the value of the franchise is projected to drop as much as $150 million, according to league execs. The Cavs are valued at $450 million-475 million”

Is that all????? no really, from the little I know I would have thought the figure to be at least 50% of the value. Maybe I’m an idiot.

Here’s the question I have to ask. What does Bosh’s apparent imminent departure do on the value of the Raptors? Stop laughing. I don’t think the value actually goes up. The question is how much, if any does the value go down?

Did anyone notice the cover of yesterday’s Toronto Sun? The byline at the bottom was about Phil Kessel- something about Boston missing Kessel- the suggestion was that with Kessel the Bruins would still be playing. Funny thing was that there was nothing in the paper about Kessel.

Then this appeared in today’s Toronto Sun:

“Two questions that were asked in Boston the other night: 1) Do the Bruins beat the Flyers with Phil Kessel in the lineup? 2) And do they play for the Cup if they had kept him? …”

That from Steve Simmons. Here’s the thing I don’t get. I scoured the Boston press. I didn’t see that question anywhere. I didn’t see Kessel’s name ANYWHERE but the Sun. Maybe I’m crazy. The Kessel trade will be debated for a long time. There are people out there who tell us all the time how much better the kids being drafted this year will be then Kessel. Every time that kid scores we will hear it. So when I say this, I know there is no chance of it happening – but can we give it a rest??? I mean enough already- at least until the weekend before the draft when it is all we are going to be hearing.

Speaking of lame- did you see the story in the Sun (and no I am not picking on the Sun intentionally) about what if the Leafs were still in the playoffs instead of the Habs? I know it’s tough coming up with material to write about these days- but geez talk about the bottom of the barrel.

Lastly, he isn’t entirely back but have you heard Norm Rumack as a guest on HNIC radio on Sirus satelite radio? He’s a hockey analyst and managing editor of Personally, I preferred him when he was just on really late at night. Rumack was good at interviewing. Analysis? Not so much.

Lastly, whatever the hell the name of the current hockey tournament that’s going on overseas is- am I the only one who thinks it should be shelved. I am mean does anyone care about it at all?



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