Greetings from st. Thomas

Greetings and salutations from the lovely island of St. Thomas. Weather is fantastic and I have to admit this is the first trip i have taken in a long trip where haven’t been tethered to a blackerry, email or internet. It’s been a nice break.

So, what caught my eyes as i scanned a few papers today?

First Chris Bosh has apparently submitted a list of teams, Raptors included that he would like to play for next season. I love hearing that he wants to play for a winner. I mean didn’t we all say when we looked for jobs that we only wanted to work for “winning organizations”? Did you ever hear someone say I want to play for a loser????? Wake me when thus ends.

Speaking of waking me when it ends, can we ban talk of the Phoenix Coyotes ownership please! The msm has to know it has been played here. I feel badly for the folks in the peg, but man, the media have been yo yoed on this one big time. All it takes is one tiny little thing and we have the team playing in Phoenix. Remember the Reinsdorf bid is dead talk? How many stories from the top dogs were there? 10? 12? Survey says??????? Oooooooops. Every single expert had this team sold to Winnipeg 15 different times. Then suddenly reinsdorf rises from the dead and well, there is a lot of egg on a suddenly quite group of experts. So when I read that the league has told Glendale to find an owner by the end of the year or else, I had to laugh. The Winnipeg hopes are alive stories were soooooo predictable. Wake me when this ends.

Lastly hats off to Brian Burke, having these tournaments in Olympic seasons is silly. It’s just too much.

Happy May 24.



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