Food For thought on Toronto Blue Jays

Interesting article in the Toronto Star on your Toronto Blue Jays. What should management do if the current squad remains competitive come July? Richard Griffin writes that Alex Anthopoulos should leave be, not do anything rash:

“Could the Jays acquire one of these guys if they’re within single digits of the lead at the end of July? Well, yeah. Do the Jays have the inventory of young starters to satisfy another team’s needs? Well, yeah. Should they pull the trigger? Well, no.”

The these guys are the multitude of potentially available pitchers come this years trade deadline. Griffin writes that Anthopoulos can’t make the same short term maybe deals at the expense of long term viability.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with Griffin’s analysis. It’s the right one. Couple of points: first, if the Blue jays are “close” in a month it ilk be very hard not to do something. If they area couple games back, the pressure will be heavy to bring in an extra piece. It will be interesting to see if Alex Anthopoulos can resist and if the fans can too.

Secondly, what message does it sound if they are close and they don’t get some help?? How do you get the kids to buy in if management doesn’t appear ready to pony up? I know all the yeah buts responses to the questions, but I think it’s pertinent to raise the issue.

Either way, it’s nice to have something to talk about re the blue jays these days that isn’t about attendance. Let’s hope it lasts.



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May 27, 2010 10:39 pm

Well, I think you add someone if you can (and Rogers seems willing to spend the money). But I think the issue is that you don’t want to mortgage the future for it.

This season has been great, but this team is still a ways away from it’s potential peak. You probably don’t want to mess with that.

As for attendance. Well, 2 of their last 3 games were over 25K, then they went on a lengthy road trip. We’ll see what happens, but I have a feeling it will pick up to a respectable level now that the weather is nice, and people see the team isn’t close to as bad as was expected. The TV numbers have been surprisingly good, if that’s any indication.

May 28, 2010 8:27 pm

My first thought would be no changes, to continue a steady pace of building a team, that is how the only AL East team not named Yanksox made the playoffs this decade (The Rays)

But then I was thinking, what if either Yanksox do have a poor year (which I doubt will happen as they both seem to be finding their groove again). How many opportunities do you have of finishing above them for a playoff spot. The previous decade only twice that the YankSox didn’t finish first and second. So if either is having an off year and not having 90 wins pace and we are above them, maybe you do go for it. Because you know if either isn’t close they will retool and who knows when we have another opportunity.

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