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Yeah yeah yeah I know this is Toronto Sports Media….but I found this a little curious so I thought I would raise it here….


A story appears on about interest from a Hollywood “film maker” (haven’t we heard this story before?) being interested in purchasing the Atlanta Thrashers, a team many have speculated is for sale.  Now, there is nothing that unusual about that in of itself except that the story is on the leagues official website.  Despite the fact that the story is written by the AP- there it is on

The story goes on about how this “film maker” would be interested in being involved in owning part of the Atlanta Thrashers:

“-Los Angeles-based filmmaker and Atlanta native Stephen Rollins says he is gathering information for a possible bid to buy the Atlanta Thrashers.

Rollins denied reports he already has made an offer for the team.

Rollins told The Associated Press on Wednesday in a telephone interview he has talked with Bruce Levenson, one of the team’s owners.

He laughed when asked if his only interest would be as a majority owner.

“You better believe it,” Rollins said. “I live, breath, eat, sleep hockey, especially Thrashers hockey.”

Now, here is where it gets interesting, at least in my puny mind.

The fine paper that covers the Thrashers, the AJC has been chasing the story and has offered up the following:

“The Atlanta native and Los Angeles based filmmaker who recently expressed interest in purchasing majority ownership of the Thrashers is not one of three groups currently doing due diligence about a possible investment in the franchise.

Atlanta Spirit co-owner Bruce Levenson and team president Don Waddell told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Thursday that Stephen Rollins has not made an offer to purchase the team. He is also not one of three groups working with an investment banking firm to invest in the Thrashers. Levenson said earlier this month he expects the process with the three current groups to be completed within 90 days.”

So here is why I think it’s a little odd.  If the team is working with an investment bank and talking to three parties already, and are 90 days from due diligence being completed, why would word on outside interest appear on the league website?????  Maybe I am nuts, but aren’t the best deals the ones that are negotiated in silence?  Is this a case of the NHL trying to drum up additional interest or is it trying to drive up the price???  Maybe it’s nothing and just sheer coincidence, but it certainly appears to be odd to me.  It would have been one thing if the AJC had broken the story.  Or if the story appeared in other places, but the appearance on the league website seems too much to be a coincidence.

It appears now, by the way that the NHL has pulled the story from it’s website– hmmmmmm



The NHL story appears here

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