Is Hedo Turkoglu Dumber Than He Looks?

No really, what kind of idiot would go on tv, in Turkey or anywhere in earth and say the things that Turkoglu apparently did recently???????

Huge hat tip to the fine folks at the basketball jones blog.

Get a loud of some of this crap that Hedo spews..

First- on the issue of being booed by the Raptors fans:

“Yeah. I’ve been playing in the USA for 10 years and this is the first time I’ve been booed by my own team’s fans. It’s a shocking situation and it made me feel extremely bad after. That was the most embarrassing moment in my life. God bless everyone, no exceptions!”

Who knew, Toronto a hard place to play on athletes??????

As for how Hedo wants this whole thing to end????:

“When the circumstances turned against me, I lost my enthusiasm for this city. My lawyers have talked to the front office recently. Honestly, I do not want to go back to Toronto. My lawyers talked to Mr. Colangelo and I hope that they will come up with a solution soon.”

Well, you know what they say, when the going get tough…… Let’s hope the door doesn’t hit Hedo on the way out!

You can read more of the translated version of Hedo’s interview here…

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