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So, I’ve heard from more people confirming what I wrote about yesterday morning. What I have been told, and in response to some of the questions and comments is that someone who is currently a radio personality- “not a sports guy” has been hired to fill a daytime slot. Apparently this person has been on the radio in Toronto before.

With respect to the rumored changes to Prime Time Sports, I’m told they have nothing to do with co-hosts and guests.

I will let you know more as I get it.

Interesting comment by Steve Simmons in todays Toronto Sun asking or telling us to start paying attention to the Toronto Blue Jays. This from the paper that had their first article on those same Jays on page 8 of today’s sports section. So I guess my response to Simmons point, you first.

Jeff Blair returns to the Blair of old with his most recent column. Check it out, its good. Link to follow.

The two best comments, in writing anyways, about the Hedo Turkish interview come from Blair and the Toronto Sun. Blair’s comment on the Raptors silence suggesting that trading Hedo isn’t the gigantic task originally thought. The clip in the Sun suggests what many others have told me latley; the Raptors are as much at fault for Hedo’s lousy performance as anyone. They treated him with kid gloves AND they didn’t use him to the best of his ability.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a gadget freak. I’ve been loving my ipad. Its fantastic. Having said that, when it comes to typing these posts, the Blackberry kicks ass. It is the best little mobile device for stuff like this. Blackberry destroys the ipad and the iphone.

More tomorrow



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Raptors Devotee
May 30, 2010 11:56 pm

Thanks for the follow-up. Firstly, I have mixed emotions about PTS, in the sense that it varies from being great radio i.e. when McCown is in studio with Brunt, Arthurs, Grange, & Blair to a certain extent and not so good bordering on bad with a host of others. The fact that no changes are being made with regards to co-hosts and guests means I have to continue to pick my spots on when I watch/listen to it i.e. when McCown is hosting withe the co-hosts mentioned above. Otherwise, I have little to no interest.

Regarding the new daytime host, I can’t imagine it not being for anything else but the morning drive show, which has been horrible forever. This is long overdue and bring it on, as it can’t get any worse than it is in its current format.

Regarding the Raptors and Hedo, yes, both are guilty for different reasons, but Hedo bears by far the most of the blame. He is a highly paid professional athlete who treats playing for his country as a his paid profession and playing for the Raptors as a nuisance more than anything else. Yes, the Raptors/Triano cut him too much slack, but the owness is on Turkoglu to adapt to his new team, not the other way around, since he was not the franchise player anyways. After his latest comments, get his lazy ass out of town, that is as long as we don’t get totally ripped off in the process. Good luck unloading 4 years of a fat contract with an aging athlete in his thirties. Colangelo will have to pull out all his snake oil charms to pull this one off.

My wife got the Ipad Friday and loves it. She has no problem typing on the oversized keyboard. She says the Iphone keyboard sucks (too small) and it is apples to oranges comparing it to a Blackberry which is not a touchscreen.

May 31, 2010 2:22 am

These are some good rumours, TSM.

Hmm…I’m trying to think..

‘Daytime host’ would make you think he’s either replacing Hogan, HC at noon or the Gameplan.

A Toronto personality new to sports? Hm.. Who was on that survey? Andrew Krystal? John Moore? George Strombolopolous? Hm..

Either way, getting a non sports guy to do a show on a sports station sounds a little risky. Could be great if the guy is good talk radio host, but people might get frustrated if he doesn’t know anything about sports.

I’m really interested to see what’ll happen.

May 31, 2010 7:51 am

I was going to post below but this is just as good a place as any. I wanted to follow up the comment and have held my tongue on the Elliotte Friedmann front forever.

Let me say this: many of you suggest he’d be a great morning show host or should have a permanent role.

I think Friedmann is so solid in the role he’s in with Hockey Night In Canada. He’s a good reporter, asks strong questions (pay attention, Cassie Campbell, you dunce), and can valuably fill in on the Hot Stove.

Here’s what he isn’t and I challenge any of you to tell me that he is:

1. He isn’t very energetic, personality-wise. Ever seen him raise his voice? Ever seen him show any wild swing of emotion? Well, you need to do that if you’re quarterbacking a talk show.

2. Yes, I’ve heard him fill in on 590 before, but that’s what he is. A pinch-hitter. He doesn’t have the depth of personality to do it regularly. Could Bob McCown do HIS job well? No, I don’t think so. So you can’t tell me that Friedmann could do McCown’s job. Totally ridiculous.

3. Again, I enjoy his work but just feel he’s rather D-U-L-L. He tells good stories, and has a wide depth of experience reporting and with his previous work. McCown brings that from all his years experience. I think Darren Dreger brings that, but doesn’t express it enough. Gregg Brady brings that because he’s worked in the USA and been covered Super Bowls, Final Fours, and obviously his beloved Red Wings (ha-ha).

I don’t think any program director would consider Friedmann for more than the occasional hit just because he is so stiff and yes, I know, CBC does things a bit differently, but I would argue you’d get real bored/real fast listening to “The Elliotte Friedmann Show”. It would never change gears, and would always be at the same pace. Just my thoughts.

Mike S
Mike S
May 31, 2010 10:11 am

I am pretty sure Fred Patterson was a finalist for the job as Wilbur’s co-host when Marek went to CBC but they chose Brady instead…………I wonder if he is the “non-sports” guy that 590 is considering

Dan Shulman never raises his voice and he was a pretty good radio host…………..I don’t need to hear someone who rants and raves (maybe I am getting old)………….I prefer to listen to someone who talks intelligently about sports, and Friedman does that…………..I find it hard to believe that 590 wouldn’t hire Friedman if he was interested…………I just don’t think he is interested

May 31, 2010 1:21 pm

Ugh, I hope it’s not Fred Patterson. I liked Humble and Fred. But Fred has a blog now and writes uber right wing drivel. He’s also one of the ‘nobody cares about baseball and basketball in Toronto, and they should move’ types. Drives me nuts.

Al from Burlington
Al from Burlington
May 31, 2010 1:27 pm

They should hire Rick Hodge for Hogans spot

Mike S
Mike S
May 31, 2010 3:53 pm

When the new PD for 590 took over he immediately changed the name of the “Bullpen” to the “Mike Hogan Show”…………given that fact, it would be pretty interesting if one of his first roster moves was to dump Hogan……………I guess one of the possibilities is that they are planning on keeping Hogan and giving him a full time co-host

May 31, 2010 4:44 pm

Rick Hodge? This is the problem with backward-thinking, retro-loving people! Rick is probably almost 60.

The key demo in radio is 25-54. You also really want to be strong in 18-34.

So you’d hire a 60-year old who’s only really ever done a morning show that women listen to to appeal to men in their 20s and 30s?

And Mike S. – there is almost no change of giving Hogan a co-host. That slot should be one guy who makes about 65-70 grand, yes even in Toronto. Rogers is watching every single dollar.

May 31, 2010 6:59 pm

I agree with you about Rick Hodge, Julian.

The Fan should try to someone new and young.

June 2, 2010 4:41 am

Good hopefully they will pull McCown off tv.. I can’t believe people actually listen to him. He knows absolutely nothing about sports and from the looks of him he probably couldn’t play sports to save his life.

He is so arrogant. In his commercials he says if he could play with any team of any era it would be the Chicago Bulls of the 90s with MJ.. LOL ya i’m sure Michael Jordan is wishing he had Bob McCown to play with him to make them so much better. Or i’m sure Jim Brown was wondering why McCown wasn’t on the Cleveland Browns LOL!

He knows nothing about sports. He said the Raps should trade Bargnani in his sophomore season before he developed into the player he is now. While he was still on an entry-level contract. Everyone knows that big men take time to develop and trading him would have gotten them almost nothing and would have been a terrible mistake.

They should also get rid of Jeff Blair.. that guy is the biggest tool ever!!

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