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So, I’ve heard from more people confirming what I wrote about yesterday morning. What I have been told, and in response to some of the questions and comments is that someone who is currently a radio personality- “not a sports guy” has been hired to fill a daytime slot. Apparently this person has been on the radio in Toronto before.

With respect to the rumored changes to Prime Time Sports, I’m told they have nothing to do with co-hosts and guests.

I will let you know more as I get it.

Interesting comment by Steve Simmons in todays Toronto Sun asking or telling us to start paying attention to the Toronto Blue Jays. This from the paper that had their first article on those same Jays on page 8 of today’s sports section. So I guess my response to Simmons point, you first.

Jeff Blair returns to the Blair of old with his most recent column. Check it out, its good. Link to follow.

The two best comments, in writing anyways, about the Hedo Turkish interview come from Blair and the Toronto Sun. Blair’s comment on the Raptors silence suggesting that trading Hedo isn’t the gigantic task originally thought. The clip in the Sun suggests what many others have told me latley; the Raptors are as much at fault for Hedo’s lousy performance as anyone. They treated him with kid gloves AND they didn’t use him to the best of his ability.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a gadget freak. I’ve been loving my ipad. Its fantastic. Having said that, when it comes to typing these posts, the Blackberry kicks ass. It is the best little mobile device for stuff like this. Blackberry destroys the ipad and the iphone.

More tomorrow



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