Are Maple Leaf Fans & Media Too Easy On Players?

So during my chat with Brian Burke, Brian said a few things worth repeating and discussing. First and foremost, was his statement that Maple Leaf fans and media members are easy on players in this town. Burke said that when a player in another city plays poorly, the fans and media go after the player. In Toronto, Burke said, he and Ron Wilson take the heat for the poor play of the player. By the time the fans and media turn up the heat on that player, “I want the player out of town too!”.

So, what do you think? I mean certain players come to mind where I think the fans have run a guy out of here. Larry Murphy and Bryan McCabe come to mind. Jason Blake was almost universally disliked by the fans, and the media wasn’t exactly kind to him either- but how much of that do you think had to do with his health condition? Who wanted to overly rip on a player who had to overcome what Blake did?

Are the members of the media in Toronto, when it comes to the Toronto Maple Leafs anyways, so concerned that players won’t talk to them that they don’t go as hard on them as in other markets?? Burke certainly seems to think so; Do you?

With respect to the fans, I think that those who call in to radio shows rarely carve players. They always complain about management and coaches. I don’t think that is representative of Leaf fans. I think Leaf fans can smell a goat or a rat pretty quickly and are also smart enough to call a player out when they play poorly.

Let me say this, one last time. I am not Jonas Siegel. I am not the beat reporter for AM 640. I have called in to 640 Toronto a few times, but that guy who you hear with Watters and Brady isn’t me. My name is Jonah. Not Jonas.

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