Puzzled By Toronto Sun Cover

Yes, I subscribe to the Toronto Sun. Little TSM loves the sports section, it’s the only 1 that uses big (sometimes colorful) team logos to show scores. It’s the one paper I prefer to read in a paper version as it’s a quick read. This mornings edition has me quite puzzled though.

Steve Simmons has a couple of articles in today’s paper and I know he has nothing to do with editorial control. For some reason his story on a reported feud between Maple Leafs President and GM Brian Burke and CBC’s Hockey Night and Canada entertainer Don Cherry is THE cover story. Now, Simmons article is fine. It’s a good, interesting read. It provides some background, yet it appears to quash much of any intrigue by saying that the issues have been settled. I don’t have any issue with the story. I don’t think it necessarily needed to be a full page story given that nothing was really said in it. What I don’t get is how it’s the FULL cover story. I can’t show you the image from the cover as they don’t print it online, at least not until a day later. The story isn’t the cover story on the online version of the sun. It’s listed under additional stories. It’s not listed as one of the most read (again, I know this isn’t editorial driven).

I understand the need to sell newspapers, and I understand the draw of a juicy story on Grapes vs. Burke. But I don’t get with all that is going on in the world right now, much of which is covered in today’s Toronto Sun, how they put that story on the cover. The Yanks are in town today. The Stanley Cup Finals resume today. The NBA finals are underway. The Argos, World Cup, G20 summit, Mayoral race, hell even the Kaberle story.

I guess that’s why I am not in the newspaper business.

The Simmons article is about an apparent feud that may have been brewing between Burke and Cherry over Burke’s apparent disdain for Cherry’s shot at the Leafs on coaches corner. You can read it here

more later…..

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